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A Final Thought...
"I want audiences to be entertained," says producer Eldridge. "I want them to have that emotional rollercoaster of laughing and crying with you and learning with us as they're entertained. And I think, if anything, the permeating message of The Ultimate Life is gratitude.

"When Red Stevens first takes off on his journey, he jumps on a train with a hobo who teaches him about gratitude. And Red says 'Well, what do you have to be grateful for? You're a hobo. You're jumping a train.' And the hobo, through his circumstances, is able to share, 'I got a lot to be thankful for', and Red takes that with him. And then as we end the movie and we see the resolution of his relationships, we see the same message again, and he is relaying those things that he's grateful for.

"It says 'look at the things God has blessed us with and given us and be grateful for those things and learn from those things and be able to share them with other people.'"


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