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In Nicole Holofcener's new romantic comedy ENOUGH SAID, divorced mom Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) finds herself facing life on her own for the first time as her only child prepares to go off to college. Just as the departure nears, she meets and is charmed by Albert (James Gandolfini in his last leading role), also about to face an empty nest. As she and Albert become involved, Eva befriends a new client, Marianne (Catherine Keener), a tasteful, talented beautiful poet who inspires envy and admiration. Unfortunately, however, Marianne complains incessantly about her ex-husband, making Eva her confidant. Just as Eva is falling in love with Albert, she figures out that Albert is in fact, Marianne's ex. Panicked and conflicted, Eva keeps the truth to herself and begins to doubt her own perceptions and feelings towards her new boyfriend. With her four previous wryly funny and sharply observant feature films, writer and director Nicole Holofcener has firmly established herself as one of the foremost chroniclers of educated, sophisticated, and supremely articulate contemporary urbanites.

As in her past films, Holofcener draws on her own experiences and those of her friends to create an insightful and biting commentary on the challenges of modern life. "Nicole has a very specific, very funny take on the world," says the film's producer, Anthony Bregman. "Her characters are conflicted, modern-day people who struggle to find balance and meaning in their lives. They are driven by normal human emotions, but they are just self-aware enough to feel guilty about them. That's the source of her humor and it's so relatable because we live in a conflicted society."

Already a huge fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus for her groundbreaking work as Elaine Benes on the classic television series "Seinfeld," Holofcener knew that finding the humor in Eva's compromised situation would not be an issue for the multiple Golden Globe and Emmy winner. "Julia is best known for her comedic talents, but what audiences may not realize is that her abilities go so far beyond that genre. She has a rare ability to channel that same tenacity and skill into a dramatic role, and makes it seem effortless," Holofcener explains. "When she was talking about how she took her son to college recently, she showed me a picture on her phone and teared up right there. I knew she totally understood the script and I thought, what fun it would be to work with her in a part unlike anything else she'd ever done."

"I didn't have any doubts that she would be great as Eva, but I had no idea just how amazing she would actually be," adds the director. "What I couldn't know was that she would be able to access the deep emotions as easily as she does. She is also one of those actors that you never get tired of looking at. I can watch Julia's performance now and still see little things that surprise me even after having seen it so many times."

During her first meeting with Holofcener, Louis-Dreyfus was bubbling over with ideas and insights into Eva. "We got along so well from the start that I felt I had known her all my life," the actress says. "I still wonder why we never met before. I had seen LOVELY AND AMAZING, as well as PLEASE GIVE, and I was already in love with her voice. It is very quirky, very funny and kind-hearted. She writes with very real humor, not broad comedy."

Bregman and producer Stefanie Azpiazu have both worked with Holofcener since her early films and have watched her spin life's pivotal moments into comic gold. "Her first movie, WALKING AND TALKING, felt so authentic to being 20 and dating and having that intense relationship with your best friend, but then moving on," Azpiazu says. "FRIENDS WITH MONEY is very much about that point many people reach where it seems like your friends are moving forward and having great lives while you're still struggling."

ENOUGH SAID is a reflection of some of the changes Holofcener herself has experienced of late, as well as some that she is still anticipating. "Everything is about to change for Eva in a big way," says Holofcener. "She's afraid she'll be lonely when her daughter leaves for college and that there will be no meaning left in her life. She jokes that she'll just spend the rest of her life knitting. Personally, of course I hope that my kids will leave home. But I'm dealing with the inevitability of how different it will be when they go. This movie is my attempt to work it all out before it happens, as if that ever works."

"I've been married and divorced," she says. "When I began another relationship, I wondered what my ex-husband told his new girlfriend about me, and how she probably saw me as the problem. But when I became involved with someone else, of course I told the stories that made him seem like the problem. Where does the truth lie? Probably everywhere, and nowhere. How do you clear your head of all this in order to actually open your heart and take that risk of falling in love again?"

At the beginning of ENOUGH SAID, Eva attends a party at which she makes two potentially life-changing connections: Marianne, a poet whose serene outlook and elegant lifestyle is everything the insecure single mom aspires to, and Albert, an unassuming television archivist who shares her low-key sense of humor and unpretentious world view. Awed by Marianne's aplomb, Eva embarks on a friendship with her that borders on hero worship. Marianne bonds with Eva by sharing the gory details of her not-so-amicable divorce, including a detailed list of her former husband's faults. "Marianne loves to talk about her ex and how awful he was," explains Holofcener. "According to her, he is just clumsy and overweight, with incredibly annoying personal habits."

Eva begins dating Albert, who wins her over with his authenticity and warmth, and she surprises herself with the depth of her feelings for him, then things change. "Unfortunately, Eva realizes that the dreaded ex Marianne is always talking about is the same guy that she has started to fall in love with," says Holofcener. "But she doesn't do the mature thing and say, 'Wow. I'm dating your ex-husband' or 'I think I just met your ex-wife.' She's so freaked out about the way her life is changing that she regresses and she decides simply not to acknowledge what she's learned."

"It's so clear that Eva behaves badly because of the other things that are going on in her life," continues the director. "She lives alone. Her relationship with her daughter, regardless of how close they are, will never be the same as it was. She's panicked and freaked out. And new relationships are scary. Who wouldn't want to hedge their bets to minimize the risk? Eva wonders if she can handle the things that drove Marianne crazy, and in a way, Marianne becomes a human Trip Advisor; basically reviewing what Eva is about to experience. And just like a hotel, someone may love it and another may hate it. One person's treasure is another person's trash."

The humor in Holofcener's films comes from recognition of our own foibles and past missteps, Azpiazu points out. "You're laughing in acknowledgement of your own worst instincts. You relate to these people so completely, because you've been there and you've done that."

That authenticity also makes it easier for the actors who inhabit the roles to relate to their characters, adds Bregman. "The words just flow right out of them. She makes comedy from real relationships, not cheap punch lines."

Azpiazu, who has worked with Holofcener for 11 years, says the director's ability to balance pathos with humor has earned her a ferociously loyal following -- a following that will not be disappointed by ENOUGH SAID. "It's a really funny, sweet love story that I don't think has been told before. The main character is at a point where the love of her life, her child, is leaving her. She's lonely, but she isn't looking for idealized romantic love. She happens to come across a guy who doesn't look like he would be the ideal mate for her, but he gets her and makes her laugh. That, to me, is an adult love story about a relationship based in warmth, companionship and humor."

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