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Sounds of a Decade: Music of the Film
With their collaborations on blockbusters from The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons to more intimate projects such as Frost/Nixon, Howard and Hans Zimmer, a Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award winner, once again joined forces for the sounds of Rush. Indeed, Zimmer composed 19 of the 24 songs for this spectacular big-screen re-creation of the F1 world of 1976.

In describing what he hoped Zimmer would accomplish through his music, Howard comments: "From the beginning I knew Rush would be a deceptively complex score. Hans so often finds creative impetus by closely examining the central characters, not only as written and directed but also as performed. He understood all the paradoxes in the characters, and the Rush score is another very impressive creation by the maestro."

With songs from David Bowie ("Fame"), Steve Winwood ("Gimme Some Lovin'") and Dave Edmunds ("I Hear You Knocking") to pieces from Mud ("Dyna- Mite") and Thin Lizzy ("The Rocker"), the Rush soundtrack reminds the audience of the signature sounds that accompanied the era, and why it was such a time of reinvention and revolution.

Balancing the racers' simple desires with their frenetic-yet-controlled behavior on the track was a challenge for Howard and Zimmer as they created the soundtrack to the film. Whether in the intimate moments in which James finds himself alone with his pet budgies and Niki first meets Marlene or James' loose-cannon tantrums and the raging inferno at Nurburgring that forever changed Lauda's life, Zimmer captured the spirit of the world in which they lived and raced.

Zimmer's work had another fan on the production. "When I was watching the movie with the Formula 1 community, I realized what a fantastic job Hans has done," says Lauda. "I was simply blown away. Part of the standing ovations go to him."


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