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About The Production
In an insane world, Sarah Lloyd's crazed devotion for her beloved Harrison was the only thing that made sense.

That was the mission behind Director / Writer I Producer Elie Chouraqui's vision of perfect love put to the ultimate test in Harrison's Flowers. For that vision to hold true, the heroine of Chouraqui's love story had to evoke an untapped boldness that surprised everyone, including Sarah. He found it in ANDIE MACDOWELL, an actress that shows a different side of her talents with this role.

'She was perfect for this role because this is not something I think audiences would expect to see her do and that is important," says Chouraqui. "lt is important because they haven't seen her do it so it makes Sarah's evolution even more believable. Sarah is strong in a quiet way. She is complicated. She has two children. And she has this inner strength to her that you see become more and more developed. She must choose all the time, from beginning to end.

"And of course," he adds, "she is exactly the kind of woman I love. She's a little crazy because she will never stop for what she believes in. She will never stop for love. I don't like women or men who will just listen and do what they are told to do. I like them to have the courage of their convictions. They believe in what they know to be right and nothing and no one can stop them from doing what they believe they should do what they need to do. They live by their instincts."

What attracted MacDowell to the role "was the actual love story and the way it was told," she recalls. "It's told through so many different people's eyes. I think that is what is really interesting about it. You have other people's perspectives of who these two people are and how much they love each other. When I read the script, I really didn't even think about the complexity or difficulty of the war because I was so interested in the love story."

Her co-star David Strathairn, who played Sarah's Harrison. said that interest showed on and off screen. "Andie just chewed it up. She really went after this part full-bore, which made my job fun." he recalls. "I had never worked with her before and I remember the first scene we had to shoot was me jumping out at her and having sex up against the wall! That's one way to get to know your co-star quickly," he laughs. "The thing about Andie is that she was more than game for all of the difficult scenes in this film. It was a compelling performance."

Chouraqui found the male counterpart to Sarah's unflappable qualities in Kyle (ADRIEN BRODY). Like Sarah, he was passionate about his goal and relentless in his pursuit to expose the atrocities of war. Neither friend nor foe could halt that quest.

"Kyle is this young guy who is very angry. He hates everybody because of what they are doing, because the world is not perfect," explains Chouraqui. "He is like I was in my twenties, coming from this deep emotion and frustration that people are doing such stupid things to each other. A young guy like that is full of so much energy and compassion and passion to try and set things right anyway he can, by showing the world what is so wrong. When your dream is too large and when you go to the top of the dream, when you shoot too high - sometimes it takes you. It is sad but sometimes, young gods like that, who want the world to be utopia can't last long in this world. They live a long life in a short time. Kyle worked so hard to go there, in the middle of hell, to help her, so he could find something right out of all this."

In helping Sarah to find the truth about Harrison, Kyle comes to the rescue of many. He saves his colleague and friend Stevenson (BRENDAN GLEESON) from a sniper's bullet, In his own way, he resolves an earlier spat with Harrison, when he accused him of taking the cushy way out in<


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