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About the Production
The Costa Rica of RUNNER RUNNER exists at the intersection of opulence and poverty, and of regulation and corruption. It's where you can indulge any whim without consequence -- until those desires grow too large. From glitzy casinos and bikini-dotted swimming pools to sweaty, crocodile-infested jungles, RUNNER RUNNER depicts an enticing, dangerous world where all the seven deadly sins are in play.

The story is fundamentally about wealth -- the desire to have it and the impulse to protect it. That ethos is reflected in the look of the characters -- slick and composed but tempered by the relaxing breeze of Costa Rica. Think: finely tailored suits, linens, and body conscious styling.

For RUNNER RUNNER, the American Commonwealth of Puerto Rico doubled for Costa Rica. The production was in Puerto Rico for the entire summer of 2012. Much of the filming took place in La Perla, an oceanfront area squeezed into 650 yards between the northern historic city wall of San Juan and the Atlantic Ocean. The production design team was challenged to create a realistically lavish world in a country where there is a wide divide between rich and poor: The most extravagant of these settings is Ivan Block's palatial estate, whose main house Affleck describes as "a big white monster with a Scarface-y vibe; it's appropriate for the character. What does it look like when a guy makes all this money? Take an 18-year-old's mindset and give him $20 million in cash, and you end up with a giant party house and a lot of girls with tight clothes and a lot of alcohol, a lot of gambling and having a party every single night. That's the world we see when we step into Block's life."

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