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Director's Statement
The best sports films are about more than just the sport in which they're set; they touch on more universal themes of competition and achievement against the odds. They are stories of the underdog succeeding in the face of the impossible, of personal growth, and of individuals discovering unknown strength in themselves. You don't have to love or even understand hockey to stand up and cheer at the end of Miracle, or know a thing about boxing to be on the edge of your seat during the final fight in Rocky. It doesn't matter if you care about football when you're watching Rudy, because you're not rooting for the sport, you're rooting for the little guy.

This is a film about little guys. Eight unbelievably talented little guys and girls to be exact. The villain? The Goliath to our young David's? Simple: the sport of Golf. Much like the spelling bee itself in Spellbound, this documentary needs no fabricated villain, as the competition itself is foreboding enough. Arguably one of the most difficult sports in the world, on both a physical and a psychological level, it's a game that takes most people years, if not decades, to master. Yet these young boys and girls, many of whom still struggle to spell their names correctly on their scorecards and wear velcro shoes out of necessity, shoot better scores than adults who've been playing the sport longer than these young prodigies have been alive.

As for my approach, I chose to follow the youngest golfers on the circuit specifically because I have always been fascinated, and perhaps more importantly, incredibly entertained by seven year olds. I find their unabashed confidence coupled with their innocent naivete makes for a very funny combination of inspiration and unexpected wisdom; and ultimately, for a film that appears to be about kid golfers, it quickly becomes about much more. This is a film about struggle, friendship, family, dedication, hard work, focus, failure, perseverance and triumph. In short, it is a film about the human condition, as told through the lens of one of the oldest sports in our history, being played by the youngest.

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