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The Cast of Vegas Characters
Members of the supporting cast in their own way helped define the nature of the central characters.

Romany Malco (The 40-Year-Old Virgin) plays the hotel VIP host, Lonnie, charged with showing around celebrity guests. When guest 50 Cent is a no-show,"he gets saddled with these four old schleppers who are now in Vegas and his weekend is basically ruined. By the end of the weekend he realizes he's had a lot more fun and just basically partied a lot harder than he would have with anybody else," says Turteltaub. "What he does for the movie is give us that one really clear voice that's saying, 'You don't fit in. You don't belong here.' They run into situations when they're in Vegas that say they don't quite fit in but nobody's really voicing it that specifically. He is. Lonnie is the one guy who rolls his eyes at their age."

He's also the guy "who's used to taking care of the Prince of Saudi Arabia and the guy who's expecting 50 Cent," says Malco. "He's a snob." But the party changes his perspective and the Flatbush Four "open up his world and make him realize that a VIP doesn't necessarily boil down to the top pop artist. Sometimes it's just an individual with a certain amount of integrity and the privilege of living that long who is able to share those experiences of what life is really about."

Lonnie, like his newfound clients, has to deal with Dean (played by Jerry Ferrara). Dean is the obnoxious "frat boy and will always be a frat boy who likes to think the women are falling all over him and they're not. Jerry doesn't look anything like he does in Entourage but he does the overgrown frat boy brilliantly," compliments Turteltaub. "He said all he wanted to do was get punched by Robert De Niro so it could be a chapter in his memoir."

It happens after he challenges the foursome at a club. "And (De Niro) comes up and just pops me. It was great. It was everything I thought it would be. And I'm dead serious when I say that. It was truly a memorable moment for me in my career," says Ferrara.

Lonnie convinces Dean the foursome work for the East Coast mob and it transforms him from being an obnoxious putz to their gopher. But in that transformation, they help him gain some confidence and become a better man.

"One of the tough things about the part was Jerry had to play the Vegas douche bag, the guy you're sitting at the blackjack table with and you're thinking, 'Ugh, this is the guy we all hate. He comes to Vegas, thinks he's so important,'" says Turteltaub. "If you truly hate him, it doesn't work because you need to love him by the end of the movie. You can never truly hate Jerry Ferrara. He had that typical Vegas guy thing but there was a sweetness under it."

Two of the most eccentric characters the guys encounter are Maurice, a drag queen, played by Roger Bart (Political Animals) and Red Foo, who delivers a surprise package to Paddy when the foursome judge a bikini contest at the hotel.

Maurice, a happily married heterosexual, is a Madonna impersonator who surprises Sam when he comes across him in the hotel bar. "(Our characters) become friends," says Bart.

But the biggest surprise comes from Rapper and DJ Artist Red Foo who performs at the pool in ways that leave little to the imagination. "(Turteltaub) is so funny. He allows this improv to come in and that's what I think is going to make this movie!" says Red Foo.

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