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It's Going to Be Legendary...
Fun. Friendship. Love. "The behaviors we should cling to...the joys we should never give up." Those are the winnings Turtletaub hopes audiences take home from their trip to Last Vegas.

"To remember the good times," adds Douglas. "This movie will remind audiences of how important their friendships are. Yes, there's a lot of great comedy, a lot of humor with heart. But, to me, I think what will draw people is this sense of remembering the friends they have had in their lives, what we all hold onto."

What makes it fun? "The five people who are in it and the director who put it together!" quips Freeman. "You know it's a story about these four guys who are friends and a lady who they all fall a little bit in love with. She is the one who recognizes what they have immediately and you realize, 'Okay that's a metaphor for what the audience sees too.' These guys really are friends that care about each other and it shows. That's the draw."

When De Niro first saw the completed film, he saw it alone. He cried. "(But) I made a mistake!" he says. "I watched it without an audience. I want to see it again with an audience. Working with everybody was such fun for me."

As for Kline: "These (characters) are people who are recognizable... not just comic creations. There are touching moments that allow the audience a deeper investment in the characters and the action."

In the end do the Flatbush Four conquer Vegas?

"They bring it to its knees," says Kline.


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