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The Casting
"I searched for the right actors without having a clear idea of who I wanted for each part," Alazraki says. "Leonardo (the producer) wanted 'big names', famous actors and I wanted great actors. I was very interested in doing what Jason Reitman did for Juno, when he casted Micheal Cera even if he wasn't a known actor; or what they did in Thank you for smoking, casting Aaron Eckhart when he was still a nobody, but a few months later he appeared in The Dark Knight. It even looked as if Christopher Nolan was using Jason Reitman as his Guiney pig. I liked the way Knocked up and 40 year-old Virgin worked as a whole without a star system actor, beacause the star was the movie itself. That is why I reached out to Alex Reza, because he is a serious casting director and understands the art of casting very well; we talked extensively about this. The first thing I said was: "I don't want to have to deal with the same actrices everyone else does, and that have appeared in every single movie made in Mexico, I want new faces." Zimbron and Alazraki had heated arguments about this subject. The father had been written thinking of Gonzalo Vega, but he wanted to avoid all the established actors for the rest of the characters so they had to reach an agreement about them.

I consider myself as a commercial film producer. The first thing I always say is that a star studded movie might not guarantee box office success but it helps with the media couverage and you can get more interviews in certain media. Added to the fact that this was Gary's first film, this worried me, given that he had no filmography, and not having well-known actors would not help much." "We finally agreed that at least certain actors had to be somewhat famous. We never doubted on Gonzalo Vega... he was the one. But for the rest of the parts it was a very fun process to have. Always looking for them in the movie's best interest," Zimbron explains.

The actors that got the parts, gave truth to their characters, they were smart, that took direction well and they came up with good ideas for them," Gaz emphasizes. There was no casting couch actors, nor did they get the parts by chance. All of the actors strived to get there and were the best of the casting process for their respective characters. These actors came to fame when we launched the film," Zimbron concluded.

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