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Karla Souza -- Barbara Noble
"What gave Karla the part is the fact that it became easy to her to make me laugh though out her whole casting session. I had to hide myself behind the computer to be able to laugh freely. Without the right actor you can't get to the comedy," Gaz talks about Karla.

The actress immediately became fond of the story and the message, she felt it very present and very universal. Young people could see it as well as their friends and family. But she was also drawn to it because it spoke about true sacrifices, hard work and fighting for something greater in life; that the film had something to say without giving a lecture on how to aspire to doing something more of oneself, it spoke to the young people in Mexico.

"I also wanted to take a chance on new talent, debut films in Mexico. The most part of the films I have worked in are debut films like The Tequila effect and Suave Patria. I had heard about the surname Alazraki, in Publicity, but when I got offered the script I researched who he was, where he had studied film, his ideas on filmmaking, I talked to many people about it. When I realized Gary had a good foreseeable future as a director, I immediately signed on. As an actor you want to become your director's muse or the actress he loves to work with," Souza comments.

The coincidences on the actors' life with their characters also took part in the her involvement. "I was peculiar how Gonzalo Vega -- who played our father -- had actually been very sick with cancer in real life and decided to come back to acting for this film. I had recently lost my father to cancer. I realized that it would be very interesting and formative to actually connect in this movie and work on that father-daughter relationship and share what we had learned along the way about family and life. It was very exciting for me to know that Gonzalo would come back to film with Nosotros los Nobles (We are the Nobles)," the actress comments on her relationship with Vega.

I also knew that Luis Gerardo Mendez, a dear friend of mine, was in on the project. I trust him and his work very much and I love working with him, and this also influenced my decision of working in the film," Souza confesses.

What finally convinced her to jump aboard and close the deal was the experience of the Producers Leonardo Zimbron and Raymundo Diaz-Gonzalez, given that they were professionals and had vastly worked on very interesting and important film projects before.

Souza did not want to parody real life, but base her acting in Life. She researched for the part, watching a lot of videos on the Internet, especially the one about the 'Ladies of Polanco', that vastly circulated in social media. Two young women supposedly of the high class that were caught on camera drunk and mistreating a police officer that was only doing his job by pulling them over in a high end street in Polanco, Mexico City. She also went to places the 'Princesses' usually go to.

"Gary coordinated a night out where we all went to a very high end night club, very popular and trendy at the time in Mexico City. Here we saw all the characters in the movie. The lifestyle in which "", or or even "rich kids on Instagram" are based. There, I started to study the behavior of the girls and most of the time I was in the bathroom, where I knew I would catch most of the conversations between them and watch their attitudes closely. I was there for like two hours."

"I even stroke up a conversations with the cleaning lady in the bathroom 'How ong have you worked here?' -- Oh! At least 10 years, I've been working in night clubs tending the bathrooms'. That is when I asked her ' What is the most common factor that you see in these women' -- 'First of all, they are always complaining about someone; the boyfriend, or their father mostly. They are tipsy or drunk and they start complaining that her father wants her home, of that the boyfriend looked at another woman. You can tell these girls have a huge void. They feel fatter than they truly are, they have defects that only they see when they look in the mirror,' she told me." Souza recalls.

This is what helped her know her character's limitations, she did not want to exaggerate Barbara, but she also wanted her to BE a 'Princess', without any doubt, she had to find the perfect balance for the character to be believable. But even harder a challenge was not to make the audience hate her, because she was the leading lady.

"Gary wanted me to make her detestable but I gave him the example of Goldi Hawn on Overboard; she starts out being a detestable character but she is truly endearing. She ends up being a lovable person and falls in love with Kurt Russell's character and cares very much for his children. And that is why we had to make this character funny and mild in order to not make her the antagonist. She had to become a spoiled girl and her frivolity, her situation had to make you laugh. She truly has no idea of what happens outside her crystal bubble," Karla concludes.

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