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Gonzalo Vega -- Herman Noble
The way Gonzalo came into the picture was somewhat peculiar. "During the '94 World Cup, the family that was chaperoning us around town and us, ran into Gonzalo at a hotel. He had had a bit to drink and he really made my brother and I laugh really hard," the director recalls. My brother and I remembered when we watched him in the play Mrs. President, we were teenagers and we weren't really fond of going to the theater, and they had dragged us to see it. We remember we had enjoyed it a lot and we had laugh out loud especially when he said 'Damn you, Freud!', It had been the first time we had seen an adult curse in that manner," Gaz reveals.

Alazraki wanted someone that would mock the paternal figure, but that understood his father when he interpreted him. In the end Vega's character came out somewhat different. Alazraki wanted an actor that had about the same age as his own father, a person that would understand about making his own way in his professional life and having to walk the talk since being very young, that had kids that had in a way become juniors and that would sometimes regret educating his children the way he had done it. Gonzalo, according to the director filled in the criteria, and also made him laugh about it.

"I really didn't know Gonzalo personally, nonetheless I knew his work and how professional he is when he gives ideas. He was a very generous actor with us," Karla Souza says.

Nonetheless he always set himself aside in a way. I believe it was very strategic on his part, to create a sense of absence in the communication between parent and children. No matter how much they loved each other no one knew about the others life. During filming it was like there were 2 groups: the children and the adult, which was something that had to happen and it reflects on camera. When shooting came to an end and the father was coming closer to his children, Gonzalo became very fond of us. It was all closely calculated and you see on screen," Souza reflects.

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