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Luis Gerardo Mendez -- Javier Noble
"Luis brought something to Javier that the character lacked; a sort of freshness, something new. That is why he got the part," Gary confesses.

"The character came to me literally in a friend's Jewish wedding. The young man came towards me telling me he was a film director (Gary) and that he had an idea for a movie. He asked me if I could read the script. He had seen me in theatre and in some film and he said he loved my work. As an actor you get a lot of people that come up to you at parties and then you never here from them again," Mendez recalls.

"After that I ran into him at the premier of Capadocia, and he then told me that he already had the money to make the film and that filming would be starting soon, but then he scolded me, 'But you're older! I had you pinned for a younger character -- That Juan Pablo Gil ended up portraying.- I answered him: 'Don't worry, I can shave for the part.' - 'We'll see,' he told me, 'I'll call you to see about casting and see how you look, because I feel that you have outgrown the character a bit.'"

But when Gary sent him the script, Mendez was more interested in the older brother part -- Javier, who had the same age as he did, amongst other qualities. He then asked Gary to do a casting session for that character in particular. Gary didn't want to because he had envisioned him chubbier. For the next few weeks there was a coming and going of arguments between the actor and the director: "I used to tell him that the character didn't have to be chubby, but very likeable. So you could say that I earned the right to play Javier by my own right, because I had to convince Gary little by little. In the end we were both very satisfied with the outcome," Mendez reaffirms.

What compelled Luis Gerardo to paly Javier was the emotional journey that the character has in the movie, in which he discovers the true value of family, hard work and money.

Javier is what I love to call a hard candy for an actor. He is personable, endearing, fun, naïve, and truly charming. If you add into the mix that he is a real 12 junior, you get a very interesting character for me to play. When we were filming there was a boom in social networks of "Mirreyes" or how we call juniors in Mexico nowadays- they are like an urban tribe that to me is more than interesting," he conludes.

Speaking of difficulties to ensure the creation of the character, Luis says, "Javier and I are very diferent. I don't act, talk, walk, stand or even think like him".

Javier becomes more of a challenge because of his entrepreneur side. He carries around a sort of enterprise bible and does want to make something of himself: "He wants to be someone to win his father's respect. He knows that his father has made a name for himself and by himself and wants to follow in his footsteps doing something on his own. But he want to do it using the fast lane. He actually thinks that his little enterprise manual has all the answers," Luis Gerardo explains.

For Mendez, this is an ongoing tendency in the new generation. They all want to earn a lot of money, but in a quick and easy way, without having to make sacrifices or work too much. "Javier wants to earn his father's respect and create his own ventures but with the least amount of effort, that is why he comes up with these absurd business ideas, actually believing that they are great ideas and that they could make him more successful than his father," Mendez states.

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