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Juan Pablo Gil -- Charlie Noble
For Juan Pablo the script and the opportunity to work with an actor like Gonzalo Vega were the fundamental factors that made him want to do Nosotros los Nobles (We are the Nobles). After a severe casting process, he was finally chosen for the part and it was Gaz, the director himself that called him up to let him know he had gotten the part.

"My character is just like Javier but without the money factor. I wasn't very familiar with the Hipster movement. As I investigated even further, my personality adopted some of the characteristics of a hipster, I started to morph into my character as time went by."

"As I prepared for the part, I started to hang out with a couple of friends that were very hipster-like and very much like the character I had to play. Also Gary took us to places where people of thie urban tribe would hang out, and there I asked them questions about their lifestyle, ideas, clothing, appearance, etc...".

"For my character it was less possible to have funny moments than my co-stars, but it never stopped me from asking Gary to give me funnier lines. Then, one day Gary told me: 'Whenever someone talks about something very somber, horrible just answer with the typical hipster mantra ANIMO (Chin up), that is funny in itself," Gil replies.

In the matter of the sexual preference of his character, much older women than himself, Gil comments: "I believe Charlie is looking for a mother figure. He shelters himself in older women because he doesn't have a mother since he was very young. That in the end generates a lot of conflict within him".

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