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Ianis Guerrero -- Lucho
Ianis was one of the first to be cast for the film. This was a priveledge given that he had the opportunity to give replica to other actors that went though the casting process, and to have talks with Gaz about his character and the film. This gave him much more introspect into his character and how to approach him. "It was being granted access to the film before filming even started".

"Lucho is one of the calatlyst characters in the story. It's thanks to this character, as the director expressed it to me once, that the message of the story truly takes shape: 'Hard work is dignifying, it makes people noble and enriches their life further'. My character is the one that teaches the others the value of working hard earning a living, fighting for what you want, when in general we are used to receiving everything without giving nothing in return," Guerrero explains.

Recalling the challenes for this character, Ianis has it very clear: "Certainly the romantic scenes. Everyone starts out wanting to be an actor so they can kiss beautiful girls like Karla, but for me it was certainly one of the most difficult things I had to do".

"The love scenes are crueler, because if you don't feel anything, it shows on canmera. People know what it feels like to be in love, that shimmer in the eyes. As an actor there is no way to fake it, they are your coworkers and you could even be in love with someone else in real life".

"Fortunately Gary and Karla had certain tecniques, for example, in the kissing scenes I never knew how or when Karla was going to kiss me so there was always an element of surprise I could react to. Sometimes I would be about to give a line and before I could finish she would go in for the kiss, without me even finishing a sentence. That gave way to spontaneity in my reactions and forced me to maintain my full attention on her," Ianis confesses.

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