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Time's Dress Code: Costumes of the Comedy
For About Time, costume designer Verity Hawkes was given the unlikely task of dressing time travelers. Recalls Hawkes: "For Tim, we had to show the progression from young and uncon fident to older and more confident. You see the progression in his choice of clothing, that it's less thrown together. We didn't want to lose any of his character as he got older. He had to keep the charm he always had."

Dressing McAdams as Mary was a collaborative experience for Hawkes and the performer. Notes Hawkes: "I didn't want Mary's wardrobe to be a series of fashion plates. Mary's much more of a real character, so we worked together at finding the balance of showing her kooky side and originality. Rachel cared about what Mary should wear, as well as when she should wear it and why. She was totally onboard and supportive."

Creating the look for Wilson's whimsical Kit Kat, Verity took the scripted direction that Tim's sister should always wear some item that was purple. "It was quite a joyous process finding every single purple item that you could," the designer laughs. "Kit Kat is kind of thrown together, so each outfit was quite fun to put together. She'd wear the quirky combinations of things."

One character Hawkes didn't imagine she'd be dressing over the course of About Time was the Queen herself. However, that was required when it came time for Tim's Mum's outfits. As she fancies the Queen as the perfection fashion icon, that's the way she would be dressed. Ends Hawkes: "Lindsay is very beautiful, but she doesn't look anything like the we came to quite a good compromise on her costumes."

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