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Sounds of Love: Building the Soundtrack
Nothing is more important in a romantic comedy about love, time travel and making the most of life than the music that brings it all together. Curtis wanted to convey the emotions experienced by Tim as he fell in love and as his relationship with his parents deepened as he grew up. The filmmaker managed to encapsulate those emotions into one incredible soundtrack.

The chart-topping music of Ben Folds, who first came to fame with the band Ben Folds Five and later segued into a solo act, was the perfect addition to the film's music roster. In addition to recording and releasing 16 studio albums, Folds' work has been featured in several films and television series. Folds was an easy pick for the filmmakers, as all were fans of his work.

Curtis enthuses: "Ben Folds is one of my favorite artists, and 'The Luckiest' has always been one of my favorite songs. I knew the film was always going to end with that song. The pure simplicity of 'I am, I am, I am the luckiest,' is what I wanted to say during the completely simple final sequence -- where Tim is waking up, eating breakfast and taking his kids to school -- to illustrate that, even in his day-to-day, Tim feels that sentiment."

After choosing "The Luckiest" to close About Time, the filmmakers tortured themselves trying to select what piece of music to open the film. Recalls Curtis: "After searching for the perfect song to go with the opening monologue, we tried Ben's 'The Luckiest,' without the lyrics, just the piano. We knew at once that we'd found the answer: Ben at the beginning, Ben at the end."

Folds shares what drew him to the project: "As a big fan of Richard's films, I was honored that he asked me to be a part of About Time's musical storytelling. I recorded a new version of 'The Luckiest' especially for the film, and I feel it brings us along Tim's journey quite nicely."

Little did Folds know, but Curtis had drawn double inspiration from him -- not only bookending the film with "The Luckiest," but also drawing inspiration from one of Folds' music videos. Curtis shares: "In searching for the film's music, I watched one of Ben's music videos called 'Still Fighting It,' which is a beautiful home-shot video of Ben playing with his son on the beach. At the end of About Time, there's a scene on the beach between Tim and his Dad, which is absolutely the most central moment of the movie and is, in fact, inspired by Ben's video."

Indeed, nothing ties the sounds of a film together more than a great theme. Curtis took this task seriously and brought on The Dream Academy's Nick Laird-Clowes to score the film. Laird-Clowes shares: "When Richard asked me to compose the music for About Time, the challenge was to try to encapsulate all the emotions that the film evoked into a single theme. I'm very pleased with how it turned out."

In addition to the musical stylings of Folds and Laird- Clowes, the film's soundtrack features BRIT winner and multiplatinum-selling artist Ellie Goulding with her take on The Waterboys' beautiful love song "How Long Will I Love You." The About Time soundtrack is rounded out with classic and con temporary love songs, including Nick Cave's "Into My Arms," Ron Sexsmith's "Gold in Them Hills" and The Cure's "Friday I'm in Love," bringing key scenes in the film to life.

Curtis sums it up: "Sometimes, I actually start with a song, and then write the scene. In this film more than any other, the songs that inspired me have actually found their way into the finished film."


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