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About Reel FX
Free Birds is the first feature length film to be produced by Reel FX in Dallas, Texas with support from their Santa Monica, CA location. "2013 is a huge year for Reel FX: it's our 20th anniversary as a studio, and we are excited to celebrate this milestone with the release of our first feature and the unveiling of our animation banner, Reel FX Animation Studios," says Steve O'Brien, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Reel FX. For the past two decades, Reel FX has been working for both commercial and entertainment clients, producing animated content for special attraction projects, commercials, interactive projects, and films. After honing their skills and processes on projects for studios such as DreamWorks Animation, Fox, and HBO as well as agencies such as The 6 Richards Group and DDB, the team at Reel FX was primed to pursue the goal of telling their own stories. "In 2010, we decided to officially take Reel FX in a new direction, branching out from just being a service company into being a creation company," says David Ross, President of Reel FX.

Reel FX was founded in 1993 by Dale Carman and David Needham in Fort Worth, Texas, focusing mainly on commercials and short form projects. In 1999, the studio began to move into the film industry by starting work with acclaimed author William Joyce to craft the short animated film The Man in the Moon. That short-form creative endeavor eventually grew into the feature length film Guardians of Childhood and was finally released by DreamWorks Animation as Rise of the Guardians in 2012. "We've come a long way, from being two guys in a garage who worked in commercial post production to where we are now," says Kyle Clark, COO of Reel FX.

Being in business for more than two decades in the extremely competitive commercial industry, Reel FX built efficient infrastructure and production pipelines that can now be applied to the feature animation process. "We've invested a lot of time and technology to find ways and systems that essentially think differently about how to approach the animation business, and we're thrilled to be able to apply that to our own content at this point in the genesis of Reel FX," adds Clark. "It makes me feel incredibly proud for Free Birds to be Reel FX's first feature, as it speaks really highly of the company on a lot of levels. First of all, technically, the film is beautiful. And story-wise, its tone is completely unique," says Aron Warner, President of Animation for Reel FX and Executive Producer.

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