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The Marvel Experience
The cast and crew unanimously agree that making a Marvel film is like no other and for the majority, it is a career aspiration and high. Tapping into childhood dreams of Super Heroes and fantastical adventure but with earthly themes, the cast and crew, whether in front or behind the camera, know there is something special about Marvel films and that their box-office successes are no accident.

Natalie Portman states, "I think they have such great taste with the people that they choose to make their films -- the directors they work with and the crews. They make fun, smart movies of a really good quality and people are responding to that."

Kat Dennings agrees, "Marvel's films are just great, solid films. It's almost irrelevant that they're about comic books if you're looking at it from a filmmaking point of view. They're just good movies and all the actors are stellar and the arcs are always really emotional and true and really funny and really smart."

Chris Hemsworth feels Marvel as well as the cast and filmmakers are also very attuned to their fans. He comments, "The fans have been very supportive and I love them for that. Staying true to the comic books and these characters was something that we were mindful of from the beginning. These characters already existed and had a fan base that was a lot more knowledgeable than we were, so you don't want to let anyone down in that sense."

Kevin Feige sums up Marvel's approach best when he says, "We don't have a formula; we don't have a guidebook and we don't have a chart on the wall to tell us if we hit all the points. But we do have a belief system that people want. Part of the fun of the journey is not just the spectacle -- it's not just the roller coaster; you need to touch emotional points for any of the other stuff to work."

He adds, "It's up to the audience to tell us whether we're right or wrong. As long as they keep giving us a pass, we'll keep going."

In true Marvel Cinematic Universe style, when "Thor: The Dark World" blasts into theaters this fall, audiences will be taken on an epic thrill ride from Earth and back with bigger-than-life but relatable characters whose worlds seem not only within the realm of possibility, but tangible and real as well.


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