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About the Production
"I'd like to see myself as a queen of people's hearts."
-- Diana, Princess of Wales

By exploring the final, unseen days of the Princess Diana, Oscar-nominated director Oliver Hirschbiegel transports the ordinary tenderness and emotional danger of two vulnerable people falling in love into a maelstrom of media, fame, power, politics, celebrity and reckless invasions of privacy. The result is a glimpse deep behind the Princess's legend to a moving story of a real woman ensnared in a 24-7 scrutinized life and a passionate love affair star-crossed by the public glare. For Diana -- arguably the single most recognized, idolized and pursued woman who ever lived -- the complications of a slowly blooming, fragile romance were infinitely magnified. Locked in a world where her every move was watched, and her every word mattered, Diana's final love affair could only be carried out by means of subterfuge, disguises, secrecy and mounting anxiety over unwanted revelations.

And yet, her relationship with the Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan was also the culmination of everything she sought in the chaotic aftermath of her so-called fairy-tale royal wedding -- to be independent, to be significant in the world, to be truly cherished.

All of that comes to the fore as two-time Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts takes on the risky role with a fearless sense both of Diana's charismatic power as "The People's Princess" and of her most privately-held yearnings.

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