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The Characters
TIGER CHEN (Chen Lin-Hu "Tiger") -- a young martial artist with a deep respect for tradition, but torn by his growing desire to be part of the modern world. On the surface, he is an "everyman," but inside he is driven to prove his excellence.

KEANU REEVES (Donaka Mark) -- an international businessman who is addicted to the display and performance of power; ruthless and fearless, he operates a secret world of fighting where only the strong and fierce are allowed to survive.

KAREN MOK (Suen Jing-Si) -- a determined police detective fighting organized crime, she must think for herself and defy both regulations and expectations. In pursuit of Donaka, she is also able to recognize she has an ally in Tiger's essentially good nature.

YU HAI (Master Yang) -- the epitome of tradition and honor, devoted to the peaceful and spiritual roots of tai chi; but he is out of step with the present, and ultimately must rely on Tiger's abilities and judgment for his temple to survive.

YE QING (Ching-sha) -- a young woman who works for the government, and who helps Tiger begin the process of saving his Master's temple; impressed by Tiger's dedication and ability, she eventually gets him to open up to her emotionally.

SIMON YAM (Superintendent Wong) -- Jing-Si's supervisor, he is bound by rules and regulations, and sees little value in Jing-Si's ongoing pursuit of Donaka Mark.

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