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The Favorite - Bob Odenkirk
"A home would be in his best interest - which, let's face it is more than he ever thought about with us." -- Ross Grant

If David seems to be following in his dad's footsteps, his brother Ross, is the family celebrity - a news anchor seen daily on television. Taking the role is Bob Odenkirk, the actor, writer and director known for his iconic role as "criminal lawyer" Saul Goodman on the acclaimed "Breaking Bad."

Odenkirk was intrigued by the contrasts between the two brothers. "David's more of an aimless, kind-hearted fellow compared to my hard-charging, modern type of guy," he explains. "My character is a newscaster, so I'm on the go, I'm making it. I'm getting places and I'm on TV. Ross is a little more egotistical and he's angrier towards his parents and more judgmental of Woody as an alcoholic. And yet, I think this adventure we all go on brings the whole family closer. Along the way, people soften towards each other and open up a bit. It's a human comedy, but with a lot of tenderness."

He was thrilled to work with his cast mates. "It was a crazy gift to be a part of this movie," he says. "I love all these people and they are each great for their characters. Forte is a friend, so it was a lot of fun to be brothers. Bruce Dern as a dad is the greatest crotchety, hard-driving, irascible, crusty old guy you could be ever entertained by. And June Squibb who is such a sweet lady, plays a wife who is justifiably peeved at putting up with Woody for years, and she plays it to the hilt."

Something different for Odenkirk was the rhythm Payne brought to "Nebraska," full of wide-open spaces and subtle moments where people change by moving just an inch or two towards each other. "My character on 'Breaking Bad' has loads of dialogue, so this was a whole different beast," he explains. "Many scenes in 'Nebraska' have very little dialogue. Alexander really pushed us to sensitize ourselves to all the communication that takes place just through glances and wordless moments."

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