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Welcome To New York
Upon their arrival at GNN, the team is quickly confronted by a new nemesis. "I am not the villain this time," Applegate points out. "There's a new gal in town, and her name is Jack Lime." The "new gal" is actually the studly Jack Lime (portrayed by JAMES MARSDEN), the hotshot lead anchor just imported from Chicago for a reportedly whopping $1 million! "He's the next level of anchorman," Marsden describes. "He's top shelf stuff, wears expensive threads, and is a completely cocky bully, full of himself."

Jack immediately zeroes in on Burgundy, whom he spots from across the studio bullpen, and begins picking on him. "It was this really fun scene in this massive room," says Ferrell, "and he immediately turns alpha male on Ron. It was something Marsden had nailed in the table read we had done, and that's what got him the job."

Lime's bully attitude is one Marsden drew from his childhood. "I got along with everybody, but there was always that one guy that just looked at you and for no good reason, selected you and said, 'I don't like you. I'm never gonna like you,'" the actor relates. "That's what Jack's doing with Burgundy."

The trouble is, Lime is so irresistibly good looking and charismatic that even Ron's own team laughs at his digs at their friend. "And his jokes aren't even that good," quips Ferrell. It's simple. "It's hard not to like Jack Lime," says Marsden, "which is hilarious, because I'm such a prick."

"We'd all hate him if he wasn't so cool," Rudd notes. Koechner adds, "Marsden has great stones, and he can just do it. Plus, he's so beautiful, we're all enamored of him. He gives Ron a ration of grief, and we go along with him. We just lose ourselves. We'll do anything to be his friend," causing Mr. Burgundy to find himself insecure for the first time in a news environment.

The network boss is an inspired Australian by the name of Kench Allenby ("Kench" short for "Ken," of course). "He's our Ted Turner meets Rupert Murdock meets Richard Branson," describes Ferrell. "He's like all three of those guys if they had a baby."

Australian native JOSH LAWSON plays the boisterous Kench. "He's a multi, multi, multi-millionaire who had this idea to start a 24-hour news initiative," the actor explains. "He's a real moneyman. He inherited three hundred million dollars from his dad, and he's worked his whole life to turn that into three hundred and five million, so he knows the value of the dollar."

Kench loves whoever it is that, in the moment, is going to make him the most money. "In the beginning, that's Jack Lime. But it becomes very clear that the real golden goose is the great Ron Burgundy. I treat him like the son I never had. Even though he's decades older than me."

The entrepreneur loves the spotlight, happily giving speeches at the drop of hat to his minions that worship him. "He loves being adored by people, so any opportunity he can get up and stand in front of a microphone, he'll do it," even if no one can understand him through his immense Aussie accent. "Yeah, when he gets excited, it does get a bit thick," the actor relates.

"That was Adam's idea. On the first day, he said to me, 'Try one now where your accent's so thick we can't understand you.'" Lawson just tossed in a few tricks from back home. "You can take an easy sentence like 'How are you? Haven't seen you in years,' and then you Aussie-ize it by adding a few words here and there. And then you just make the tongue a little lazy, and then the jaw a little sloppy, and there you have it" - even if no one knows what "it" means. "Kench is actually saying things in those moments. You just don't know what the hell it is."

Running the network for Allenby is station manager Linda Jackson, played by the stunning MEAGAN GOOD. "Linda is wildly educated, knows journalism, knows news, and she sees Burgundy as a clown," McKay explains. "We wanted a woman who could kick Burgundy's ass, put him in line, and play sophisticated sharp, but at the same time had a comedy bone. We auditioned a lot of actresses, and Meagan just kept standing out. She's beautiful, really talented, and, most of all, she's just game." Says the actress, "When I found out I got this part, I literally cried for 30 minutes. I was just shocked - and so happy Adam and Will saw me as this character."

Good, like a lot of us, had been a fan of the first film since its release - as was her sister, who, during production of Anchorman 2, could be found in Good's trailer watching Anchorman. "She'd be in there every day playing it, and people would start coming by, and the next thing you know, they'd be in the doorway watching it and laughing," she says.

As mentioned, Linda's initial impression of Burgundy and his team isn't a good one. "She thinks they're idiots," Good says. Burgundy has his own initial impression, upon coming face to face with not only a new female boss, but an African-American one.

"In the first film, which takes place in the 70s, it was a big deal to have a woman doing the news," McKay explains. "Then, in the 80s, lots of different people began doing the news, it became multi-ethnic," something the team wasn't quite used to experiencing back home in beautiful white bread San Diego. "This is something the team hasn't really thought much about, that the world is a rainbow," Carell points out. "I don't think they had ever really confronted or considered having a boss that is a very strong, attractive, smart black woman. I think Ron is a bit taken aback, and he needs to figure out how he's feeling."

Though Linda has underestimated Burgundy, she finds herself undeniably attracted to the bumbling San Dee-ahh-gun with perfect hair. "She starts to fall for Ron Burgundy," Good says. "She really feels that he is a maverick and someone who walks to the beat of his own drum." He reminds her of herself - he's a go-getter, and he just does whatever is in his heart. "She decides that she wants him, and that he's gonna be her man, and she is going to aggressively pursue him until that happens. And it does."

Burgundy isn't the only one who finds romance in Anchorman 2. "We decided Brick needed a love interest," McKay says. "In the last movie, he was sort of like the sniper of comedy. He would come in with funny lines and have funny moments, but most scenes weren't about him." But Brick is so beloved a character that he and Ferrell decided it was time to have his own arc. "He's sort of the Harpo Marx of the gang. So we just wanted to do a little more with him."

Upon arriving at GNN, Brick quickly finds an equally quirky, clueless girl named Chani, someone who is confused by the operation of a simple telephone. "She's the female version of Brick," explains KRISTEN WIIG, who plays object of his affection. "She's smart, but she stares at walls a lot, and is fully entertained by it." Brick spots her from across the room, and the attraction is instantaneous, though neither seems to know quite what attraction actually is or how to deal with it. "They're both starstruck, like a bolt of lightning," Carell says. "They speak the same language, which nobody else speaks. They get each other." Brick takes her on a romantic date to his favorite soda machine at a laundromat, though not before getting some dating advice from his friends on the news team. "Brian introduces him to the world of safe sex," Carell explains, courtesy of a custom condom collection housed in a mahogany case, similar to the one that housed his ultra-offensive Sex Panther cologne in the last film.

Rudd had a whale of a time improv-ing away shooting the scene, as he describes to his pals the many exotic condom choices. "Hooded Ghost, I think, was one of the less gross ones," Carell laughs. Another was offered up by one of the props people - Coney Island White Fish. "I found out when the guy was growing up in New York," Rudd explains, "he and his buddies would go down to Coney Island, and there were always used condoms in the water. So they were Coney Island White Fish." Yuk.

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