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The news team, to this day, still finds the popularity of Anchorman a happy accident. "We when we were shooting the first one, we had no idea it would be this much fun and this popular," says Steve Carell. "Broadcasters saw it and didn't embrace it immediately, but they've since come to regard it as their movie, which is great."

Ferrell concurs. "When the original came out, I remember one of the San Diego papers said 'They really missed the mark. They had a real opportunity to comment on the news. This is not very realistic.' Now, for the city of San Diego, this movie is a piece of their identity, and to the people in the news industry, as well."

Working together again with his team of newshound misfits flowed as smoothly for McKay on set as it appears on screen. "When you have a four-person team, it ought to be really tricky. You expect them to be stepping on each other's toes, but those guys are so good with each other, you can get away with anything," he says. "They have this crazy chemistry - they balance each other out. It's like doing harmonies, one of them has the high voice, one has the low voice, and it just blends. They're just incredible to work with."

Thankfully, Burgundy and his team have remained the same, presenting their same brand of empty-headed news that keeps audiences laughing through another bout of Anchorman. "They know people want to be entertained, they want to see fun news, they want someone who looks good - and that's what Ron Burgundy can do," says McKay. "That's his magic secret every single time."


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