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Beginnings And Wrap-Up
WALKING WITH DINOSAURS represents the work of some of the motion picture world's most talented filmmakers, technicians and artists. But there would be no big screen event without the groundbreaking television series that preceded it fourteen years ago. The series, like the movie, used advanced technology to take viewers into the world of the dinosaurs.

The Walking with Dinosaurs television series' depiction of dinosaurs as though they were being filmed in the wild was a revolutionary move away from traditional dinosaur-themed documentaries. It forever changed the way we perceived the fearsome and larger-than-life creatures.

By 2010, advances in CGI and 3D technologies created a new opportunity to reinvent the franchise in an even more ambitious fashion - as an epic motion picture adventure. Inspired by the latest scientific discoveries, the WALKING WITH DINOSAURS movie ushers audiences - in ways never before possible - into exotic but real environments populated by characters rich with emotion and personality.

The two filmmakers at the helm of this incarnation of a beloved franchise have high hopes for WALKING WITH DINOSAURS. "It's all about trying to tell a good story and bringing characters to life in a way that audiences can relate to and connect with emotionally," says Barry Cook.

Adds Neil Nightingale: "We want moviegoers to love the characters and love being transported back in time and immersed in a world that existed tens of millions of years ago."

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