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The Music

I heard this really pretty song the other day. Can I play it for you?

Music for the film was created by Grammy Award-winning band Arcade Fire, as well as their frequent collaborator Owen Pallett.

"Arcade Fire started writing the music as we were shooting, so I'd sometimes use it on set," Jonze says. "I'd send them stills and footage and they'd send us an amazing mass of material in batches, maybe 50 tracks, which we would refine, and then work on pieces we still needed, so the DNA of the music and the look and feel of the film feels very organic. The music is really beautiful and is very specific to the story."

Likewise, the tender and wistful "The Moon Song" was inspired by and written for the story by singer/songwriter Karen O, with whom Jonze has often collaborated, including on the score for his "Where the Wild Things Are," which earned a 2010 Golden Globe Award nomination. Performed in the film by Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, it serves as an impromptu duet between Theodore and Samantha on a trip to the mountains.


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