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Wolf Words
Blue Chip: Stock, usually in a major corporation, known for its quality and reliable profitability in good and bad times - this is the stock Stratton Oakmont sells to get its foot in the door with bigger investors

IPO: Initial Public Offering - the first stock issued by a company, usually a young, hot company ready to expand, and a classic opportunity to mislead the public about the company's finances and potential

Lemmon: Nickname for the most potent source of methaqualone - aka Quaaludes - the widely abused 80s narcotic known for its sexy, relaxing, hypnotic effect. In high doses, it could cause delirium and convulsions. Lemmon Pharmaceuticals discontinued the drug in the 1980s and eventually the entire supply dried up.

Money Laundering: The process of taking large amounts of money that resulted from crimes and making it look legitimate

Penny Stocks: Low-priced, high-risk stocks that are very loosely regulated. They have historically been vulnerable to pump and dump schemes.

Pump and Dump: A common financial scam, in which a company "pumps up" a stock with false hype and great embellishment until demand goes up, raising the price, then "dumps" its own shares, and the stock price crashes. This was key to Jordan Belfort's MO.

Pink Sheets: The literally pink pages published each day listing the prices of over-the-counter penny stocks. The term also came to refer to a cheap prostitute.

Rathole: A front man used by shady investors to buy stock in companies they are barred from buying legally.

Swiss Bank Account: Famed for their security, Swiss bank accounts have notoriously provided rock-solid refuge for illegal earnings, but some Swiss banks have recently come under fire for financial scandals


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