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Interview With Paulina Garcia
How did you prepare for this character?

Sebastian guided me through my preparation, flooding me with books and films. Then came the individual rehearsals stage, where we analyzed each scene, the way it would work visually, and how we would face Gloria's relationship with each one of the film's characters.

During the two months that led up to the shooting, I was so immersed in Gloria's universe that when the process ended I felt as if I were "waking up" from a deep night.

What was the biggest challenge of playing Gloria?

Gloria observes that the rhythms and courses of the events that take place around her do not depend on her. Gloria's internal movements are subtle, definitive, and concrete. Combining these three concepts was a difficult task.

What was the film's direction, and Sebastian Lelio's direction style like?

Sebastian works in a very relaxed manner; he's funny, and the shooting's atmosphere was very pleasant and intimate. He gives you plenty of freedom, to then take it all away! He's also demanding: he works with complete dominion, based on his observations, and he searches until he finds what he wants.


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