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Stunts and Action
The action comes out blazing from the first scene with a shootout and motorcycles crashing through glass. Cube describes his James' stunts and action: "You have to build up the character as that guy who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. It just sets it up for everything that's going to happen in the movie."

Because Ride Along is an action-comedy, there was a lot of wiggle room to go there. Shares Packer: "We had an opportunity to do some really cool driving sequences. We had guns going off and blew up a building. Even Kevin got a kick out of being able to shoot big guns."

But, according to Packer, sometimes Hart pulled back. He laughs: "Kevin was so excited about it. He wanted to do all of his own stunts until it was actually time to do the stunts. Kevin is the guy who says: 'I'll do my own stunts. I'm ready, let's go!' Then, when we told him, 'Kevin we need you to jump from this car to this car, flip over and land on the ground,' he'd say, 'Oh, I'm not doing that. You are going to need a stunt man because I'm not going to do that.' That is a Kevin Hart quote!"

There's so much action in this film even the experienced Story was challenged. "I must admit, I've never blown up an entire building. I've done it in CG so I looked forward to fire and pyrotechnics," says the director. "There's only one reason to do this stuff-if you do it big. So we set the entire place on fire."

Although her character isn't a cop, even Sumpter was able to get in on the action. She laughs: "I get to kick a little butt. I was able to be vulnerable and scared, but I was still able to be strong and to maintain dignity. I did some stunts and really enjoyed the process."

Leguizamo agrees with his co-star: "I did a little of everything. When I worked on stunts, I was able to go to the shooting gallery using guns. We all had to be on the ball with this flick."

Production wrapped, director Story reflects on the process of making Ride Along: "I often say we've got a lot of great ingredients to go make what we're making and hopefully it'll turn out great. With this film, I do believe that we've captured some magic. I'm ecstatic because Cube and Kevin's chemistry is undeniable. Hopefully we've got something really big."


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