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About The Production
DEVIL'S DUE was filmed on location in the Dominican Republic, at Carnivale and various other sites, including a nightclub in a ruined catacomb, where Zach and Sam spend the fateful final night of their honeymoon. The production then moved to New Orleans, where most of principal photography took place.

Radio Silence embraced the typical scheduling constrains that befall some genre fare shot with "guerilla-style" filmmaking. "We felt like we had an abundance of time and money, just based on the films we've made in the past," says Gillett. "The biggest challenge was getting people on board for how we wanted to make the movie. That becomes as much a part of the creative process as actually filming DEVIL'S DUE. For example, we didn't need four hours to shoot a given scene because we didn't shoot coverage conventionally. We don't need to light things in a typical way because we're trying to create realism. We wanted to get everyone on board with the experiment of jumping in and lighting to shoot 360-degrees and really let the actors discover the scene.

"So it was more about giving everyone the sense that we're a part of this together, so let's jump in and have fun with it."

Still, no amount of experimentation could address some of the unexpected challenges during production, including a tornado that blew through the church set, which not only had the production scrambling to reschedule the day's shoot, but had the cast and crew hiding in the building's stairwells to avoid the fearsome winds.

Later, there was a fire - on the same set. "Just the fact that it was happening in a church, and we're making a movie about the Anti-Christ, was just kind of creepy," says Bettinelli-Olpin. "To this day, it makes me smile every time I think about it."


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