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About The Production
This is a whole new world, it's a whole new mythology, and a whole new take on this classic character. -Stuart Beattie, Director/Screenwriter rom the makers of the hit Underworld series, comes a gripping new tale of mortal enemies and supernatural rivals, with a modern-day Frankenstein's creature at its very center. The Gothic action-thriller I, Frankenstein takes audiences into an ongoing war between vigilant gargoyles and ferocious demons over the souls of humankind. Now, caught in the roiling conflict is Dr. Victor Frankenstein's still-surviving creation, Adam (Aaron Eckhart), as both sides race to discover the powerful secret to his immortality.

"This is the story of how Frankenstein's monster begins to earn his humanity," screenwriter and director Stuart Beattie says. "We call him Adam in our film and we take him on a modern adventure where he gets caught up in a hidden war between two supernatural races of good and evil. Both sides want him for their own reasons, and he has to struggle to find his own purpose and meaning. He has to figure out who he is, what he is and why he is. He makes hard choices to become the person that he knows he should be … but perhaps doesn't want to be."

The producers are Tom Rosenberg (Underworld), Gary Lucchesi (Primal Fear), Richard Wright (The Lincoln Lawyer, Underworld), Andrew Mason (The Matrix, Tomorrow, When the War Began), and Sidney Kimmel (The Place Beyond The Pines, Lars and the Real Girl). Executive producers are Troy Lum, Eric Reid, David Kern, James McQuaide, Bruce Toll, Jim Tauber, Matt Berenson, and Kevin Grevioux. The director of photography is Ross Emery, Michelle McGahey is the production designer, Marcus D'arcy is the editor, Cappi Ireland is the costume designer, with music by Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil, casting by Nikki Barrett, and US casting by Deborah Aquila, CSA and Tricia Wood, CSA.

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