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About The Bedroom
The filmmakers and actors went into About Last Night with the hopes of realistically capturing not just the thrill of romance when two people hit it off, but the power of sex and its influence on the evolution of a relationship. While the task of realizing more intimate physical moments can make many actors uneasy, the four leads all shared an understanding of the importance of these scenes.

"I've shot more sex scenes in this movie than possibly all my other projects combined, but it's an essential aspect of these character's storylines," comments Michael Ealy. "We show what grown people really do as opposed to seeing somebody kissing and then fading into a sunset or something. It services the story to show the intense intimacy in the beginning of the relationship and its' power and what it looks like when it slowly begins to fade."

For Bernie and Joan, whose relationship starts off as something kinky and short-lived, a bond is created through shared sexual appetites and a strong physical compatibility. "Bernie and Joan definitely get it cracking," laughs Regina Hall. "They do the do where it's got to be done. They have a huge amount of physical chemistry and are extremely explorative with each other, so when the urge strikes, it's done where it's got to be done."

When it came down to figuring out the mechanics of how to shoot the scenes and create a safe environment for the actors, Will Packer was surprised by the free-spirited approach in his actors. "We've got a lot of hot and steamy scenes and I figured I was going to have to pull the guys back and tell them to bring it down a notch, chill out and cool off," says Packer, laughing. "Absolutely not true. I'm telling you now, Joy and Regina are giving as good as they're getting in this movie and they all came ready to play."

For Kevin Hart, the challenge wasn't trying to avoid getting too excited about his steamy scenes with his co-star, but in switching gears from the goofy moments between takes. "My scenes with Regina were so hilarious because we would shoot a take and at 'Cut!' immediately pop right out of character and start cracking on each other, like me telling her to stop getting turned on, you're my friend," laughs Hart. "I told her that I didn't need one of those damn sock thingies because there was absolutely no risk of me getting excited, because frankly, she doesn't do it for me. After a take she looked at me and said 'Wow, you really weren't lying, Kevin.' It was the ongoing banter that makes our chemistry so amazing because we could turn it on and off so fast."

In the end, whether the love scenes suggest something romantic or offbeat, About Last Night gives moviegoers the sense that in the pursuit of that certain someone, everything can matter. Says Packer, "It's about living and loving and laughing and it is an enjoyable ride. You're going to feel something."

Bryant seconds the sentiment: "It's a great date movie. Ladies are going to love it for many reasons. The dudes are going to love it for many reasons. They can go together, and everyone gets a little something out of it. We can all relate to one night stands and/or being in love, or being disappointed in relationships, being driven crazy. Those are just human, natural things that transcend race, cultures, class, all those things. So if you want to see a good movie that's funny about people, this is the movie for you."

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