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About The Characters
Danny (Michael Ealy)

Still on the rebound from a relationship with a toxic ex-girlfriend that ended over a year ago, restaurant supply salesman Danny is trying to learn how to have fun again. Upon the urging of his best friend Bernie, Danny agrees to a night out to meet Bernie's latest sexual conquest Joan, and her friend/roommate Debbie. Unexpectedly intoxicated by the physical chemistry between him and Debbie, Danny goes against his better judgment - not to mention Bernie's advice -- and dives head first into this new relationship.

Debbie (Joy Bryant)

An educated and professional woman with a penchant for planning, Debbie is accused of always trying to "organize the fun." She's always found safety in her job and a scheduled lifestyle. She lives with her spirited and spunky best friend Joan and is taken by surprised when she goes out for the night with Joan and meets Danny. For the first time she can remember, Debbie throws caution to the wind and falls into bed with Danny on the first night. Swept away by the sexual chemistry and physical connection, Debbie finds herself falling fast and hard. Soon she's forced to contend with her first brush with vulnerability.

Bernie (Kevin Hart)

An unfiltered, loud-mouthed salesman, Bernie loves every aspect of being single and is not afraid to sing its praises. Always on the hunt for the next woman to experience, Bernie counts himself an expert on being a bachelor and challenges anyone to prove that relationships are the better way to go. When he begins dating Joan, his equal in feistiness and sexual appetite, coupled with "losing" his buddy and wingman Danny to a monogamous relationship, Bernie's theories are put to the test.

Joan (Regina Hall)

A passionate, unapologetic and downright fiery woman, Joan is not afraid to go after what feels right to her. Taken by surprise after meeting Bernie, an unapologetic player who she beds on the first night and continues to sleep with, she recognizes their undeniable sexual compatibility and like-mindedness. But she also has to contend with his fear of relationships. Things get complicated when Joan's bestie and roommate Debbie begins dating Bernie's close pal Danny, and the dynamics begin to shift from the high of casual fun to the earthy reality of relationships.


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