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Sounds of Romance: Building the Soundtracks
Little is more important in a romantic drama about the fight to keep the one you love than the music that encapsulates those intense emotions. To create a soundtrack that incorporated each mood experienced by Jade and David, Feste worked closely with producer Schwartz. She shares: "Josh and I wanted a young, fun soundtrack for this film, but it was also important to utilize music that takes us through the ups and downs of David and Jade's relationship and their intense growth."

To compose the film, Feste sought out award-winning artist Christophe Beck, who has scored such beloved teen movies as Pitch Perfect and Crazy, Stupid, Love., not to mention drafted the signature sounds for the teen series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Of his interest in the project, Beck shares: "What made Endless Love fun was the challenge of scale. Young love isn't a soaring, operatic adventure; it's a much more intimate experience. So in approaching the music, Shana and I had to find balance between keeping the size of the musical ideas appropriate for the self-discovery and introspection that are central to the story, but still evoke the timelessness that people feel when they reflect on their earliest experiences of falling in love."

Brought aboard to perform the film's theme was a beloved duo. Over the past 13 years, twin sisters TEGAN and SARA QUIN have built an avid global fan base with songs such as "Walking With a Ghost" and "Alligator." The duo's hit singles have been covered by the likes of The White Stripes and Passion Pit. Intimately familiar with teenage angst and the power of falling in love for the first time, Tegan and Sara have appeared on The CW's 90210. Schwartz, however, became a big fan of the duo after seeing them perform at Coachella in 2005.

Discussing the filmmakers' choice, Schwartz enthuses: "Coming from Gossip Girl and The O.C., I knew the importance of courting musicians that speak intimately to our core audience. Tegan and Sara understood the tone we were going for with the music and delivered in a manner that knocked us out."

In addition to the contributions of Beck and Tegan and Sara, the soundtrack-brought together by accomplished music supervisor RANDALL POSTER-features fun-loving songs including FRANZ FERDINAND's "Right Action," NONONO's "Pumpin Blood (The Jane Doze Remix)" and CULT's "Go Outside," and such romantic ballads as LORD HURON's "Ends of the Earth," ECHOSMITH's "Surround You" and THE BIRD AND THE BEE's "All Our Endless Love," featuring MATT BERNINGER.

Feste sums up the contributions of the multiple artists who brought to life Endless Love's soundtrack and themes: "Our goal with this movie was to seamlessly merge David and Jade's feelings for one another into a cohesive soundtrack. From the incredible talents of Randall and Christophe to Tegan and Sara's recording of our theme song, 'Don't Find Another Love,' I know that we have taken the audience along the gamut of the emotions felt by our hero and heroine, especially faith, hope and love."

With production wrapped, the cast and crew reflect on lessons learned from the shoot. Concludes Stuber: "In the film, there's a beginning love story between Jade and David, who are figuring out who they're going to be in the world. Then there is this decaying love story between Jade's parents, and we wonder if they can possibly figure it out. Love is a complex thing; it's a muscle that has to be worked out. Shana has shared so much of the complexity of love in this film. It's not just about the people you meet's about love in its broadest terms."

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