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The Three Different Types of Vampires
MOROI are both royal and non-royal vampires. They are mortal and peaceful. Every Moroi has an elemental power which they specialize in: earth, wind, fire or water. They have fangs and drink the blood of humans, or Dhampir's, to survive. Sunlight irritates them. They are often pale and tall. There are only 12 royal Moroi families. Lissa is the last in the line of the Dragomir's.

The DHAMPIR are half-vampire/half-human. They are often dark-haired, have heightened senses, and are physically stronger than the Moroi. Dhampir's lives are dedicated to protecting to the Moroi. They do not have fangs and they do not drink blood; they can eat whatever they want. They endure physical training to become guardians and learn to be warriors: fighting, decapitating and staking if necessary to protect the Moroi from the un-dead Strigoi. They live by one simple expression "The Moroi come first."

STRIGOI are the most dangerous of vampires. They are the immortal un-dead. Strigoi only come out at night and they can slaughter you with their heightened power and speed. They are very hard to defeat, even for a highly trained Dhampir guardian. They live outside of society and thirst for Moroi blood to retain their immortality. They would like to kill off the last 12 remaining royal Moroi families and take over society. To kill a Strigoi, a silver stake must be driven through their heart. There are two ways to turn Strigoi: 1) For a Moroi to choose to turn Strigoi, they must purposefully kill a human during feeding 2) Strigoi have the ability to turn a Moroi, Dhampir, or a human, into one of them with a single, sustained bite. Dhampir's have Molnijia marks tattooed on their necks if they kill a Strigoi.

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