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Costume Designer Rahel Afiley Dresses the Diva (and Everyone Else)

Costume designer Rahel Afiley is no stranger to Muppets. She served in the same role for Disney's "The Muppets" in 2011. "It's a lot easier this time," she says. "I knew what to expect: what looks good on humans doesn't necessarily look good on Muppets."

Color is key, for obvious reasons, when it comes to Muppets-and humans, too, says Afiley. The wardrobe for Ricky Gervais' character Dominic, for example, got slightly darker as his character's criminal escapades escalated.

While Dominic's attire consisted of more traditionally styled suits, Jean Pierre Napoleon's wardrobe adopted the agent's European flavor. "His character has that '60s-style French cool thing going on," says Afiley. "We went with more burgundy and royal blues for him."

The costume designer was careful to consider which Muppets would be on set with their human counterparts. Ty Burrell's wardrobe had to complement Sam Eagle's coloring, for example. And Tina Fey wasn't likely to wear Kermit green-not that her prison-guard garb would've called for it. "Tina's wardrobe is a prison guard uniform-but tailored with a feminine touch," says Afiley.

Speaking of feminine, perhaps Afiley's most important wardrobe role involved a precocious pig with notable needs. "The rest of the Muppets don't compare to Miss Piggy when it comes to wardrobe," she says. "Miss Piggy requires a lot of designing. In this film, she has at least 23 changes, which is more than any Muppet or human. It's actually more than all the humans combined. She's quite a diva."

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