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It All Started with a Book and a Song
Rice Broocks is the author of GOD'S NOT DEAD, a book published by Thomas Nelson in March 2013. Brooks is the co-founder of the Every Nation family of churches and is the senior minister at Bethel World Outreach Church in Nashville, TN.

Broocks' book explores the historical, scientific and theological evidence that God is not dead. "I think so many people know God is real, but they haven't ever been challenged to show it. And I think a lot of people know God is real, but want to know if you can you give them a way to describe it to a person that doesn't believe," says Broocks.

Broocks feels that the film opens doors for more people to hear the message, "These brilliant folks from PureFlix have come along and put together this movie that can bring it [the concept of God's Not Dead] in the form of story to go places that the book and music will never go."

Christian band Newsboys perform GOD'S NOT DEAD, the title track for the film. The track originally released in 2011 on the same-titled album, the band's fifteenth. The group is excited about the film and feels strongly about reaching viewers with the message that God is alive and well, and "roaring like a lion" in the world. "I think that people are really desperate for truth," said Jeff Frankenstein, keyboardist and bassist for Newsboys.

Drummer for the group, Duncan Phillips, shares, "My biggest thing is I hope they [the viewers] ask questions. I don't think God minds that we ask questions. It's like everyone is searching, whether they are at the stage of their life where they realize it or not, everyone gets to that point in their life where they realize, there's got to be more than this."

Newsboys lead singer Michael Tait urges, "We have God in our heart and our lives, try him for yourself. He will more than satisfy you."

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