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Tom Felton as Camille
The character of Camille - Madame's frail, feckless son and Therese's unfortunate first husband - posed another casting challenge as the filmmakers searched for an actor who could be at once an admiring yet an exasperating young husband. Ultimately, the filmmakers chose Tom Felton, who is best known for the very different role of the bullying magic student Draco Malfoy in the HARRY POTTER films.

Felton was thrilled to step into a role that is a radical departure from that character. "Camille epitomizes something different from any character I've ever played," notes Felton. "He spoke to me on many levels; he's such a loveable idiot who's really wrapped up in his own world and completely inconsiderate of anyone else's thoughts or feelings. Yet, there's something charming about his naivete. I believe he truly loves Therese. But he just has not one clue how to express that love."

Ironically, it's Camille who inadvertently sets the entire tragic chain of events in motion, first by moving the family from the Vernon countryside to Paris, then by obliviously bringing his friend Laurent home. "It's a great dynamic because he has set up this situation unknowingly and he's clueless about what is going on," says Felton. "In hindsight, moving to Paris was an awful, awful decision for him. It's his bringing Therese to Paris that opens her eyes to this whole world that has been hidden from her."

Working with Stratton was a highlight for Felton. "He did such a wonderful job with the screenplay and then he had such sheer excitement, you could really sense the fact that this was his baby. I don't think there's anyone who understands the Raquins or knows the world in which they lived in better than Charlie."

In return, Stratton says of Felton: "Tom brought a heart-breaking soulfulness to the part. He plays Camille as a caring yet self-centered man who loves Therese, but no matter how hard he tries, he just isn't capable of connecting the dots of that love. He can't get out of his own way."

Horberg says of Felton, "He's been perhaps the biggest delight and surprise of the movie. Camille could have been two-dimensional, but Tom has brought warmth and life to him."

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