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The Domino Players
Rounding out the main cast is the eccentric group of family friends who join the Raquins at their home for a domino game each and every Thursday night - and who wind up playing silent witnesses to the intrigue unfolding behind the flat's closed doors. Inspector Michaud, his son Olivier, Olivier's wife Suzanne, and Camille's colleague Grivet are played to the hilt by a quartet of top-flight British thespians, respectively, John Kavanagh (BRAVEHEART), Matt Lucas (BRIDESMAIDS), Shirley Henderson (HARRY POTTER) and Mackenzie Crook (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN).

Stratton refers to them as a "misguided Greek chorus," providing moments of dark comedy while being completely unaware of the clues that are right under their noses. The characters exist in Zola's book but Stratton was also inspired by Rosemary's odd-ball neighbors in Roman Polanski's ROSEMARY'S BABY. "I love the Domino Players," says the director. "They're all amazing actors that I've been dying to work with for years. Given their schedules, it's nothing short of a miracle to have all four of them in the movie! Together, Matt, Mackenzie, John and Shirley worked beautifully and seamlessly together as an unknowing vice grip that is closing in on Therese and Laurent."

Adds William Horberg, "These four actors brought a whole other level to the supporting characters. In fact, we added more material with them to the shooting of the movie because they were just back by popular demand."

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