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About The Film
It is autumn of 1942, and the Germans have marched into Stalingrad, certain of a swift victory. Their superior weapons and well-trained army seem invincible, but the Russians believe otherwise. Separated from the rest of the Allied troops, the Russian forces are fighting for their lives and for their country. Old and young, strong and weak, the Russians are determined to sacrifice everything to keep their country out of Germany's grasp.

A ragtag division of Russian fighters moves silently over the river towards Stalingrad, which has largely been occupied by the Germans. As the enemies draw closer, the Germans set their store of fuel on fire and pour it down the hill onto the advancing Russians. Screaming, aflame, but still alive, the Russians stream up the hill and into the German foxholes, fighting hand-to-hand until they are extinguished by fire or battle.

The surviving Russian troops advance into the ruined city. Eventually, they set up a command post in a devastated building, where their snipers have a strategic advantage. To the surprise of the small band of Russian soldiers, they discover a young woman, Katya, who has somehow eluded the evacuation of the building and survived the gun battles. Katya is fragile and pale, but determined: this is her home and she will remain.

Katya helps the Russian soldiers as she can, and soon becomes a sort of mascot and a symbol of all that they are fighting to defend. Several of the men feel themselves falling in love with her, but Katya remains a sort of wraith who gives all of them a sense of purpose.

Across the ruined square, the German troops have established their bastion and are amazed that any Russians remain. They are determined to stop their enemies before a strategic link to the Volga can be formed, allowing Russian reinforcements to arrive.

However, one German officer, Peter Kahn, has lost his focus on battle. Instead, he has become infatuated with Masha, a beautiful Russian woman. After finding her in a crumbling building, Peter forces himself on Masha, making her a pariah among her neighbors, who do not understand the fear and self-loathing that she feels. As a result, Masha is punished twice for her beauty: by the invaders and by her homeland.

Stalingrad traces the bitter struggles of these two groups of soldiers, led by two intelligent, determined men and colored by the incongruous presence of two special women. As time passes, audiences come to know more about each soldier. As the film takes audiences on a journey, they will see not only soldiers risking everything, but also the tragic yet triumphant outcome of a battle that changed the tide of history.

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