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In Enough – a harrowing, high-style thriller directed by Michael Apted and starring Jennifer Lopez – an ordinary woman turns the tables on her predatory husband and enters into battle against him. In a physical and psychological war of nerves and valor, she transforms herself into an unexpected action heroine: a mother turned warrior, willing to go to any extreme to keep her daughter safe.

Says producer Irwin Winkler: "Enough is a riveting thriller about a woman who empowers herself in every way and goes after her right to safety with everything she's got – physically, mentally, emotionally. It's a great script and a great role for a strong personality like Jennifer Lopez."

Enough is directed by Michael Apted ("The World is not Enough," "Gorillas in the Mist," "Coal Miner's Daughter," " Enigma") from an original screenplay by Nicholas Kazan (an Oscar nominee for "Reversal of Fortune"), and stars Jennifer Lopez, Billy Campbell, Juliette Lewis, Dan Futterman, Fred Ward, Noah Wyle and Tessa Allen. The producers are four-time Academy Award nominee and Oscar winner Irwin Winkler and his Winkler Films partner Rob Cowan. The executive producer is E. Bennett Walsh and the co-producer is Jeanney Kim.

Enough marks an electrifying change of pace for Jennifer Lopez as she takes on a role that is at once filled with extreme physical action and features a woman's remarkable internal shift from maximum fear to maximum strength. Equally known for her work as an actress and musician, and recently named Female Star of The Year by NATO/Showest, Lopez was intrigued by this non-stop suspense thriller that hinges on the very idea of transformation and finding one's own inner power.

"I loved the script because to me it was a kind of female ‘Rocky,' but more real and intense, more based on the kind of events that happen in real life," she says. "My character, Slim, goes from being just a normal girl working as a waitress to marrying Prince Charming. Then she loses it all, everything she believed in, and must fight her way back to take control of her life. I really responded to her courage and her strength."

Writer Nicholas Kazan responded in turn to the casting of Lopez as the heroine whose tenacity as a mother and fearlessness as a threatened woman raises fascinating moral issues in his script. "I've really admired Jennifer's work to date – she was so fantastic in ‘Out of Sight' – and I was really intrigued when she was cast for this movie," notes Kazan. "Jennifer brings her inimitable style to the role and gives great animation to the character. Even more important, she really went for it, bringing both power and nuance to Slim's turn-around. She was very in sync with the emotional values of the piece. Jennifer really makes you understand that Slim has no choice."

As she fights to survive, Slim not only must change the very way she views her husband and the world, but also her body. She goes into a fierce physical boot camp so that she'll be ready to confront her menacing husband.

For Lopez, this meant she too, had to train intensively in the martial arts to prepare for the role. "I really enjoyed the training," comments Lopez. "Even though men are usually physically bigger and stronger than women, I learned that through certain techniques a w


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