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Police and Thieves
As things begin to go awry for Gustave and Zero, they find themselves pursued by the Captain of the Lutz Military Police: Albert Henckels, played by Edward Norton, who worked with Anderson previously on MOONRISE KINGDOM. "Henckels is after Gustave as a fugitive," Norton explains. "But, at the same time, he knows in his gut there's something not quite right, and he actually likes this guy, so I'd call him a reluctant pursuer. He's the law, but he smells something else is afoot."

Norton also points to some of the unique behind-the-scenes camaraderie on the production. "I think for a lot of actors in my generation, Wes has been a kind of polestar of personal creative vision. He does something that is uniquely heartfelt, yet hilarious. Wes's films are a lot like this story in that they create an alternative kind of family, which is very romantic for actors. The cast is a blend of some of Wes's old gang with a new gang and there was great camaraderie. It was almost like he cultivated among the cast and the crew the feeling of The Society of the Crossed Keys - the concierges of all the great hotels of the world - who have this complete sense of unity when called upon."

When the law does catch up with Gustave, he finds himself in the least imaginable of places for a man of his sensibilities: Check-point 19 Criminal Internment Camp, a dank, medieval-era prison, surrounded by barbed wire and a moat full of crocodiles. He soon befriends four fellow inmates and winds up at the center of an elaborate escape plot they've cooked up. The brains of the plot is Ludwig, an especially rough, tattooed convict with a bald head, played by Harvey Keitel, who also appeared in MOONRISE KINGDOM, and for whom Anderson wrote the part.

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