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Writer/director Ole Bomedal, a respected filmmaker in Denmark for many years, first got the inspiration for "Nightwatch" when he visited a morgue in Copenhagen. "I went to this morgue in a city of one million people, and it was both scary and beautiful. It made me think about how, outside, there is this daily life going on, and suddenly you're standing in a cellar realizing this is where it all ends. It makes you think about life and how you're living it." The location where Bomedal wrote much of his original screenplay also lent itself to the film's grim, menacing atmosphere. "I was writing the story at night, in an office all by myself, sometimes until four in the moming. I didn't dare go out to my car because I would have to walk through all of these dark hallways."

With "Nightwatch," the filmmakers' goal was to evoke the time­honored, classic thrillers of the fifties and sixties, while updating the genre for modem audiences with their own singular vision. "The best thing about the definitive suspense films of yesteryear are that they're scary and stylish at the same time," says Bomedal. "What we set out to do with 'Nightwatch' is offer a lot of thrills, but also make the movie fun to watch." Adds Obel, "Historically, the best thrillers are those that leave you moved because of what they are about, and what they have to say about the human condition. If you leave the theater breathless from being scared, and you're still reeling with what the movie was about the next day, then that's the sign of a great thriller."

To adapt their original Danish project for U.S. audiences, Bornedal and Obel enlisted the help of one of America's most acclaimed screenwriters, Steven Soderbergh. Once Soderbergh completed the screenplay adaptation, the casting process proved to be an easy task. In no time, Bornedal found himself with a group of actors that any director would be thrilled to work with, especially a filmmaker working in America for the first time. "I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful cast for my first American film. Nick Nolte gives an outstanding performance, and came up with so many great ideas throughout the filmmaking process. It was the perfect working relationship. Patricia Arquette is very low key in her acting, and just extraordinary. She makes everything she does seem effortless, a quality I think people really like about her performances. She's just so natural. And Ewan McGregor and Josh Brolin never failed to surprise me with their inventiveness and energy."


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