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From Steven Spielberg comes a futuristic thriller Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise as a detective who must race to uncover the truth before he becomes a victim to the system he helped create. Written by Scott Frank (Out of Sight) and Jon Cohen, based on the short story "The Minority Report" by legendary author Philip K. Dick, the film is produced by Gerald R. Molen, Bonnie Curtis, Walter F. Parkes and Jan De Bont. Gary Goldman and Ronald Shusett are the executive producers.

Led by Tom Cruise, the cast features a diverse and accomplished ensemble of actors, including Colin Farrell (Tigerland, Hart's War) as Danny Witwer, Anderton's rival; Samantha Morton (Academy Award nominee, Sweet and Lowdown) as Agatha, the enigmatic Pre-Cog who plays a vital role in Anderton's struggle to find the truth; Max von Sydow (whose numerous film credits include several classics from director Ingmar Bergman) as Lamar Burgess, the father of Pre-Crime; Lois Smith (The Pledge, Twister) as Iris Hineman, the researcher whose work paved the way for this radical new system; and Kathryn Morris (The Contender) as Lara, Anderton's estranged wife.

Rounding out the cast are Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) as Gideon, caretaker of the Hall of Containment; Peter Stormare (Fargo, The Lost World) as Dr. Eddie, who performs contraband surgery; and Neal McDonough (Band of Brothers) as Pre-Crime Officer Fletcher.

Steven Spielberg's distinguished production team includes Academy Award-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski (Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan), Oscar®-winning editor Michael Kahn (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Saving Private Ryan), production designer Alex McDowell (Fight Club) and Oscar-winning costume designer Deborah L. Scott (Titanic). Multiple Oscar winner John Williams (Star Wars, Saving Private Ryan) composed the score.

The film's distinctive near-future world is enhanced by visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar (A.I.) of Industrial Light & Magic, who supervised the film's groundbreaking visual effects, and Academy Award winner Michael Lantieri (Jurassic Park) supervising the practical effects. Brian Smrz (Mission: Impossible II) coordinated the substantial stunt work.

Minority Report probes the implications of what would seem on its surface to be an ideal criminal tool. What if it was possible to stop murder before it happened? "I think all of us would love to know what's just around the corner," director Steven Spielberg says. "We'd all love to know what's going to happen next – in the world, in our lives. This story flirts with the concept of what if we had the chance to know certain things about the future, especially things that come under the heading of ‘life and death.'"

With Minority Report, Spielberg and his team investigate the nature of crime, technology and destiny with both a sense of adventure and the inscrutable mystery reminiscent of classic noir films of the 1940s. "I want to tackle subjects I haven't really tackled before," the director explains. "I'm in a period in my life of experimentation and trying things that challenge me. Minority Report is really a mystery. It's a who-done-it or who-will-do-it, and you're along for the ride. It's also a very human story, about a man who has lived through a tragedy and is working through it."

Both Spielberg and Tom Cruise, w

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