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About The Production
Hip hop sensation Lil Bow Wow makes his motion picture starring debut while teaming up with some of the NBA's finest in the new comedy LIKE MIKE. The film is produced by Barry Josephson ("Wild, Wild West," "The Tick") and Peter Heller ("Bones," "Brown Sugar") and directed by John Schultz ("Drive Me Crazy") from a script by Michael Elliot and Jordan Moffet. Executive producers are Adam Silver and Gregg Winik. The director of photography is Shawn Maurer. Production designer Arlan Jay Vetter, costume designer Mary Jane Fort, editors Peter Berger, A.C.E. and John Pace, co-producer Garrett Grant, composer Richard Gibbs and special effects coordinator Paul Lombardi round out the technical team.

Starring with Lil Bow Wow are Morris Chestnut ("Two Can Play That Game," "The Best Man") as NBA star Tracey Reynolds, who reluctantly mentors Calvin; Jonathan Lipnicki ("Jerry Maguire," "Stuart Little") and Brenda Song ("Leave It to Beaver) as Calvin's best friends Murph and Reg; Jesse Plemons and Julius Ritter as Ox and Marlon, Calvin's nemeses at the Chesterfield Group Home; Anne Meara, of "Stiller and Meara" fame, as the group home's teacher, Sister Theresa; Crispin Glover ("Nurse Betty," "Charlie's Angels") as Stan Bittleman, who runs Chesterfield with an iron hand and questionable morals, Robert Forster ("Jackie Brown," "Me, Myself and Irene") as Los Angeles Knights Coach Wagner and Eugene Levy ("Best in Show") as Knights general manager Frank Bernard.

Many NBA stars, including Chris Webber, Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd, Alonzo Mourning, David Robinson, Tracy MeGrady and Gary Payton, make cameo appearances.

Calvin Cambridge, one of the older residents of the Chesterfield Group Home, has been through it all so many times before: It's another "prospective parents day" at the orphanage. A day to get dressed up in his best outfit, smile bravely, act sweetly and, hopefully, catch the eye and the hearts of one of the many couples looking for that one special kid. But, today will be like all the others, and Calvin will end it with his best friends Murph (Jonathan Lipnicki) and Reg (Brenda Song) on the backyard basketball court. He'll shoot hoops while fantasizing about his dream of someday playing in the NBA and hope that next time his dream of finding a family will come true.

"Most of the kids at the orphanage are five and under," notes director John Schultz, "and those are the kids parents are looking for, not the teens like Calvin."

"They call the young ones ‘puppies,"' says Lil Bow Wow, "and the older kids like Calvin and Murph and Reg are kind of like the old dogs at the pound that never really get adopted."

The irrepressible Calvin keeps everyone's spirits high. "I'm kind of like the big brother to Murph and Reg, and even to the bully, Ox (Jesse Plemons), even though he and I tangle all the time," says Lil Bow Wow. "I kind of take Murph under my wing and he's like my little partner. Brenda's like the homegirl trying to fit in. And Ox, well, he's just a bully, but even bullies need a boost sometimes," he adds with a laugh.

As long as Calvin remains at the orphanage, he has to deal with Bittleman (Crispin Glover) who runs the Chesterfield Group Home. "Bittleman is the head of the orphanage and has complete control over the children," says Crispin Glover of his character, "and he uses that fact to his advantage, not necessarily theirs. I'm kind of an evil person the guy you love to hate and laugh at."

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