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Origins of the Project
In the exciting new film "Reign of Fire," several talented and pedigreed filmmakers combined their talents to create something new: a post-apocalyptic dragon film.

"The great thing about ‘Reign of Fire' is that it provides a very realistic scenario, a grounded scenario, for a very fantastic notion," notes director Rob Bowman, who had previously directed and produced countless memorable episodes of television's "The X-Files," as well as the highly successful 1998 big-screen adaptation of the television series. "To me, projects like this one work the best when you have something realistic for the audience, to ground them in reality. If you show them real people who are dealing with real problems, and then show that it's because of the dragons, then the audience will be as afraid as the characters are.

"It seems like there are a lot of special-effects films that just throw their effects at you, like an all you-can-eat banquet," Bowman continues. "I wanted to do something different: take a big idea – a big, special-effects movie (we have over 130 visual effects shots), but restrain ourselves a little bit, and make it more about the people on the ground than the dragons in the air, then we could really make a great movie."

"We've all talked a lot about creating as much reality as possible," says Christian Bale, who plays Quinn, the stern, resolute leader, determined to keep his charges alive."That was what I wanted to do from the very beginning, and when Rob explained his vision, it was as if he'd read my mind. I couldn't wait to come on board."

"The dragon fights are spectacular, sure, but you also give a damn about the people on the ground," says Matthew McConaughey, who plays Van Zan, the hotshot American leader who calls himself a dragonslayer."If the movie had a cartoon style instead of a style based in reality, I think that might get lost."

"‘Reign of Fire' is like nothing you've ever seen before," notes producer Gary Barber, who serves as producer of the film along with his Spyglass Entertainment partner, Roger Birnbaum, as well as Richard D. Zanuck and Lili Fini Zanuck.

"It's visually exciting and clearly unique," Birnbaum continues. "The fact that it starts off in present day is one of the key elements to making the story work."

"What's appealing about ‘Reign of Fire' is its originality," adds co-producer Dean Zanuck. "No one has ever seen dragons matched against modern battle equipment like tanks and helicopters. With its uniqueness, it really stands out from the pack."

"The type of movie I grew up watching – the movies I loved as a teenager, learning to make movies – were always realistic," Bowman concludes. "It's easier to be swept away. I mean, as an audience member, once you come to the movie, you're willing to suspend your disbelief – you want to see the dragons.

It's up to me to keep their trust." Touchstone Pictures' / Spyglass Entertainment's The film, shot on location in Ireland, combines state-of-the-art digital effects to present an original vision of a world decimated by dragons. "With all the varying elements – from the casting to the locations to the production design to the CGI to the practical effects – I ca

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