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Choosing The Cast
Golden Globe nominated Shailene Woodley and Theo James lead the cast of Divergent, while Academy Award winner Kate Winslet plays the villain. A stellar young cast includes Miles Teller, Zoe Kravitz, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Christian Madsen, Amy Newbold, and Ansel Elgort. Playing Woodley's on screen family are Ansel Elgort, Ashley Judd, and Tony Goldwyn. In other adult roles, the film also features Ray Stevenson, Jai Courtney, Maggie Q, and Mekhi Phifer. Finding the right actress to play the heroine who is a mix of selflessness and bravery was task number one for the filmmakers.

Producer Douglas Wick comments, "Tris was unlike any character we had ever read. She had been raised in a selfless home, but she had grit and wanted to know more about the world. She has extraordinary inner resources as the story progress. She'll be tested in huge ways, but she's not someone who's physically superior. She wasn't just a conventional beauty in the story. Tris is a really complicated, interesting, new hero and casting that character was daunting, because what actress could possibly play all that? Plus we had to find an actress who could carry a movie that is an epic story, but told in a very personal way. Every inch had to be true."

"Tris begins as this very mild-mannered, shy, and self-contained person who feels terrible that she's not able to live up to the ideals of her parents," adds author Veronica Roth. "When she chooses Dauntless, it's almost giving up, I'm not good enough, selfless enough, to be Abnegation. Then she discovers this world in which she's actually extraordinarily competent. That's arc of taking ownership of these qualities for which she's felt shame, and then ultimately recapturing the person that her parents would want her to be. It's a very strange transition... bouncing back and forth, but with different information each time you return to each: selfless, brave, selfless, brave. In the end, she's must reconcile those two qualities together."

"She is in almost every frame of the movie," adds director Neil Burger. "Tris goes from being this ordinary young woman, through this rigorous physical and mental training, and ends up being this badass warrior. We needed an actress who could encompass all of that: who could be meek and unassuming and then really pull it out and kick ass in the end, and do it all in a very believable way. Tris isn't a superhero. She's a real person who works hard at her training yet has failings and weaknesses. At first you think she has no business doing any of the things that she's going to do, but she really develops these skills that she puts to use helping others and saving herself in the end. To find an actress who could play all of that and really hold the screen for the entire two hours of the movie, had to be somebody who was really special."

"We thought we were going to have to go search the world and meet every cool young actress around to find Tris. Doug had done Girl, Interrupted and met every girl of a certain age at that time, and obviously that ended up with Angelina Jolie winning an Academy Award. We thought 'this will be fun, we'll meet everybody.' It ended up being the easiest piece of casting that we ever did... we met Shailene Woodley almost right away and it was game over," laughs producer Lucy Fisher.

"Shailene emerged pretty quickly as our favorite choice," agrees Wick. "Her work in The Descendants spoke to a screen presence. If you can hold the screen against a star like George Clooney, you're something really formidable."

"I'd been blown away by her in that movie because I thought she had this incredible combination of vulnerability and rebelliousness, plus arrogance," agrees Burger. "That was the perfect combination for Tris. Shailene was one of the first people that I met in the casting process and she's an incredible likeable person. She's very real and she's honest. She's a hugger and she means it. She has a real sweetness and a real young quality about her. That was perfect for the Abnegation Beatrice. But could she do the fighting? Would you really believe her as a warrior?"

"We were so ecstatic when we met Shai. She came in to our office and told us about what she was going to do that weekend, which was to be kidnapped by 'a terrorist' in an urban survivalist course. She likes to be dropped off for two weeks in Maine, and then live on her own with a gun and a hatchet," enthuses Fisher. "Can we be so lucky? This is what she's actually doing for real. The Dauntless side was definitely there."

"Shai has hunted and she's lived off the grid. She has these interests in being a survivalist, making due, finding what food you can eat in the forest, and living outside for days. She has it. She's got this quality. She's used guns before. I was really intrigued," admits Burger. "But, she also has the girl-next-door, everyday quality to her. She can come off as not that special and at the beginning, when she's still called Beatrice, she is the most unassuming person. But then Shai also had these athletic skills, these fighting skills, these weapons skills... she already had it and she was game for more."

Fisher adds, "She is riveting to watch and so honest and pure and when we found out that she was in real life a survivalist and could tote a gun, she was perfect," says Fisher. "We thought we were going to have to meet a lot of actresses, but nobody could ever be better, so we decided very quickly that's our girl. When her deal was done, she brought homemade cookies for every single person at Red Wagon and Lionsgate who was involved with her deal. Here comes the selfless girl and the Amity girl too. Plus she has a little Candor in her, because she'll tell you exactly what she thinks."

"When they cast Shailene, I was really excited because she's a really talented actress and that delicate face is Tris," comments Roth. "But I was also thinking, now Tris is hers. She gets to interpret this character. What I have seen from her is just amazing... Shai is the most authentic Tris I could've asked for because she's a complicated character. She's not always very nice. She's sometimes an impetuous teenager. She's not always so mature in her thinking, but she is at her heart a very good and compelling character. Shai has hit all the shades of Tris, and it feels very real every time that she says or does something, like a fully developed character."

Woodley comments, "Ultimately what drew me to this movie is that it's very metaphorical to things that are happening today that I'm very excited to bring to light. Reading Divergent, I became very passionate about Tris and the story."

"Shailene has such an honesty in the way that she approaches her work, there's never a false beat, so Tris could never feel like an artificial role if Shai were in the center of it, because everything she does is so accessible, from a true place" comments Fisher. "We've come to completely adore her. There is not one moment of this that she is not in. She literally carries the entire movie. A 21-year-old girl sets the tone for all the other actors, on and off screen. She never complains and does it all with a smile... comes in and hugs everybody everyday... when she isn't punching them."

Woodley identified with the central choice in the story that all young people must make. "Tris has basically chosen to become her own person, rather than stay with her family. All adolescents can relate to that as people have to eventually leave the nest, but it's a really hard choice for many to make. The idea of deciding the rest of your life at such a young age is very daunting, because once you leave the nest in the Divergent world, there is no going back. That's incredibly frightening."

Following The Choosing Ceremony, Tris and the other Dauntless initiates are immediately tested en route to the Dauntless compound by riding the El Train, with a twist. "Why ultimately she chooses Dauntless is because it's also an adventure," adds Woodley. "In this brave culture, she right away does things that she's never done before... like jumping on and off moving trains. Living with this freedom is something she couldn't even picture in her previous life, so everything is very exciting and empowering to her."

Dauntless enter their compound by jumping seven stories off the roof of a building into a black hole...the first time without knowing what is at the bottom. "On her first day there, it's incredibly challenging and dangerous, but she actually really feels she's finally found where she belongs. In a way, she's happy for the first time in her life," comments Burger.

Initiate training in Dauntless is composed of two phases: physical and mental. On her first morning, physical training begins. "Tris learns that everybody doesn't make it into Dauntless. You must go through this intense boot camp that involves shooting firearms and knife throwing and really intense hand-to-hand fighting. She's never done anything like that," says Burger. "She's completely out of her depth in Dauntless and she's terrified, certain that she's going to be out on the street."

"The combat, the handling weapons; Tris has no prior experience in these departments," admits Woodley. "The fact that she could become factionless and alone, after having left her family, that really drives her fear, her vitality, her sense of life, and her will to survive."

Burger adds, "At first she seems like she's found her home in this warrior society. But then it quickly becomes apparent that this society is just about conforming in a different way. Worse than that, she finds Dauntless is the most dangerous place to be a Divergent, because they're actively looking for people that are Divergent. If they find you, they're going to get rid of you."

"One of the real pleasures of the book is in the middle of this epic story, there's a very well observed love story. Tris comes to Dauntless and she's greeted by this mysterious warrior called Four. The evolution of their story is very much the heart of the movie," comments Wick. "Once we hired Shailene, we knew we had the right person for Tris, but we also knew that we had a fierce actress. She's really powerful opposite other actors, so you have to be really good to keep up with her. To play Four, we needed somebody who was a real man who could really go toe-to-toe with her, because she was not going to be a pushover," says Burger.

"Who's Four? The search for Four was like one of those old fashioned movie searches in the 1940s where you go to every country and you look at everybody," describes Fisher. "We knew this part is complicated because he has to be manly and rugged, yet he has to be soulful. Honestly, we were getting near the end of our rope."

"Four had to be somebody that if he took a step toward you, you would take a step back. Not because he stepped with menace; but because he had that power and force of his personality and his presence, that you stepped back," Burger adds. "We read a large number of really good actors, but sometimes they just didn't fit with Shai or sometimes she would roll right over them. It was hard to find an actor who was strong enough to contend with her as an actress. We looked and looked and we were starting to get nervous that we weren't going to find the guy."

"We were very anxious," remembers Wick. "We had a movie that was pretty much green lit with a story that really hinges on a charismatic, mysterious guy, who has to have the screen presence to make you understand his power in her life. It was going to be such a disappointing movie if the guy didn't have the same power she did."

"The name Theo James came up late in the process. Any woman who has seen his episode of Downton Abbey instantly remembers him. People think he was in a whole season because he was so powerful in that one moment, in one episode" laughs Wick. "Audiences across the world said he was so appealing that they forgave Lady Mary for sleeping with him. Right away we got that happy jackpot feeling. Eureka!"

"Theo is very handsome and a really good actor, so we put him in a room with Shailene to find out, does he have it?" asks Burger. "With the other guys that we'd been auditioning, she was the one that was pushing them back. When Theo was opposite her, she knew that he was Four. They had this incredible reading together and we knew right away that he was the guy."

"It was like 'oh my, he's here!" laughs Fisher. "Everybody was knocked out. Some people still didn't know who he was, until we asked 'Have you ever watched Downton Abbey?' Every single person had the same reaction, 'Mr. Pamuk! I love him, I love him.'"

James was attracted to the themes in the story and the well-drawn character. "I love that Four is a person who thinks before he speaks. He's a watchful person and he's listening all the time, but he doesn't feel like he needs to speak necessarily or make a point of throwing his weight around. He's also very efficient and strong, but he's not someone who would show off. Secondly, I connected to Four because he felt like an older style of movie character, he had that element of a Steve McQueen or a Paul Newman, they don't need to push anything. They're just themselves, with their own sense of masculinity."

"When Veronica was writing the book, I'm sure she had an image of Tris and Four in her head. When we cast Shailene, Veronica was right on board immediately because Shai has that unassuming everyday quality that could then turn fiercer. Then, we went through this long process to cast Four and we finally found Theo James and wanted to show his audition to Veronica. She buried her head, and we thought oh no, have we gone in completely the wrong direction? When Veronica came up, she was just vibrating. She stated 'he's perfect.' She had been overcome emotionally, which as a filmmaker, is incredibly gratifying to know that you have the author onboard with your casting."

"They had incredibly good chemistry, " states Roth. "Four is interesting because has to be a leader and someone that you are afraid of, but he also has to have this soft underbelly. Theo really got that, and after I saw the screen test, I told them 'Please get him. Please.' He's amazing."

"We were very nervous about if Veronica would like Theo because he is a little bit older than the character was written," adds Fisher. "As she watched more, there was one point where Theo was improvising and said 'Come over here' to Shai. Veronica jumped out of her chair and said 'Go, go!' That was a really fun moment for all of us. Four was really the only part that was very hard to fill, but as soon as we saw the chemistry between Shailene and Theo, we knew bingo," states Fisher.

Roth adds, "These actors have done so much more with the characters than I could've hoped. They have taken control and interpret things a little differently than I would sometimes, but every time they do, it's like a revelation... a new way of seeing this person that I created."

In November of 2013, People Magazine named Theo James as one of Hollywood's Sexiest Men, in their Sexiest Man Alive issue. "It's really fun to watch a really strong girl fall hard for a mysterious guy, to start having that pitter-patter. Also to have the one thing that she's afraid of be another human being, who happens to be one of the most handsome guys you could ever imagine," says Fisher. "Watching a guy who is so strong and so capable, but has so many secrets, open up to someone else is always a recipe for a very interesting romance. The girl that can get this guy to open up, and the guy that can make this hard girl softer... it's all about trust. That's part of the game and the growing tension between them. They get to act out on a bigger and bigger scale, what that means to trust another person. To finally reveal your biggest fears to another human being is pretty big."

"I love the Tris and Four dynamic because it's so different than most young adult romances on screen," says Woodley. "It's very realistic. I love that it's not necessarily a love at first sight dynamic. There's obviously mutual attraction but respect, compassion, and trust... those things are completely separate from attraction. Throughout the film, Tris is trying to figure him out, because in one scene he'll be vulnerable with her, and complimentary towards her, then in the next scene, he's harsh, very strict, and very truthful to the point it induces pain in Tris. The challenge of him is very intriguing to her."

"When Tris and Four finally do share a very vulnerable experience together when Tris goes into Four's fear landscape, she learns that he comes from a very broken place," Woodley reveals. "Four is complex. Their budding relationship ultimately stems from them both realizing that they have pure hearts. These aren't two lovebirds running around with weapons saving the world. These are two partners who came together, from very similar lifestyles but very different stories, and found mutual recognition and strength in each other."

"They meet as strangers and their relationship develops," comments James. "The nice thing is that as Shai and I became closer as friends, the scenes were developing in that way anyway. You could feed off that. In the beginning scenes, you can use that you don't know each other, and in the later scenes, you have an ease in each other's company and in each other's body language. Luckily we are friends, and we have that natural chemistry, so it's easy. "

"Four normally works in intelligence, but he is also instructing this new class of initiates," explains Burger. "In that capacity, Four is like a drill sergeant in the marines, his job is to harden them into this fighting force. He is incredibly harsh on them, and expects nothing but the best. If they can't make it, they're out."

Burger adds, "Four is the best at fighting. He seems like the perfect Dauntless solider, but he has his own secrets that he has to hide. He's incredibly guarded and weary of anybody trying to get close to him. So he's also incredibly tough on Tris to start with, unfairly tough on her, and it's not clear why at the beginning. But as the story goes on, we start to see that perhaps they have a similar secret. Four doesn't know how much Tris knows about him. Initially, all he wants to do is he keeps her at a distance, but he begins to be attracted to her. He knows that actually that could be his downfall. Four already has his own secrets, and those secrets could ultimately be the death of him."

"Silence is almost more powerful than dialogue," Woodley comments. "There are so many characteristics of a person that you can dial into when they don't say anything. Theo's reactions are amazing and his capability of listening is incredible. The mutual communication that we have between our eyes adds a lot to Tris and Four."

"At the beginning, you don't really know where he's coming from, whose side he's on exactly, or where he fits in the world, but as the story progresses, you begin to understand him, his demons, and his objectives," comments James. "He's very solid and masculine, but in a way that is quite controlled and honest. He has this relationship with Tris where they're not instantly in love. It's not a Prince Charming, fairytale thing. But, they are drawn to each other inexplicably. They have this attraction, but they're unsure of the other. He's trying to figure out if she's Divergent, but he doesn't want to give up that information about himself. He wants to help her, but then he feels frustrated by her stubbornness and her lack of willingness to communicate with him. He's also trying to navigate a world, which is falling apart around him. You warm to him, even though he really only gives things away in very small morsels."

James was intrigued by the Dauntless take on bravery. "Four says, 'There's no such thing as being fearless. It's about how you deal with the fear and how you act within the face of it.' That is an interesting concept... it's not necessarily the fear itself, it's your reaction to it," comments James. "To make the story credible, Four has to believe in that concept of Dauntless. When the movie starts, things are changing in the power hierarchy of the whole system, so his motivations are changing, but he begins believing in the concept of bravery using that to help people who can't help themselves. When this war happens, he's becoming disenfranchised with the system. The allegiance - between Jeanine, the head of Erudite, and Max and Eric, the leaders of Dauntless - changes things."

The Dauntess leadership are involved in a conspiracy to take over the government led by the Erudite leader. "Kate Winslet was a really critical piece of casting," states Wick. "Hitchcock said a movie is as only as strong as its villain. As we cast these powerful young people, we were so aware of how they were going to set up the antagonist, an adult character in the story who would have all this power. Who would be our formidable Bill Gates-type figure? Kate Winslet's name came up, and everyone said 'you will never get her.' Lucy said 'Kate doesn't have a pretentious bone in her body and she's drawn to talent.' Lucy felt if Kate reads this young woman's book, she's going to be interested. Lucy got Kate to read the book."

"Jeanine Matthews is the leader of Erudite, and she's a genius," explains Burger. "She's the Steve Jobs of that world, and she has invented and fine-tuned all the serums and technology that that determine what personality you are and what faction you're going to be in. She's very aware of the problem of Divergents and the threat they pose to the peacefulness and also her control of the society. There's a plan afoot and she wants to make sure that the Divergent don't emerge into any force. So they're hunting Divergents, who would never go along with her plan to overthrow the governing faction."

"For the role of Jeanine, we needed somebody that was incredibly powerful and somebody that you felt you would believe is a genius. Only a few actresses have that personal power and that personal authority," adds Burger. "Luckily Kate Winslet wanted to be a part of it. She hasn't really done anything like this before, so it was really exciting because she's a great actress, perhaps the greatest actress of her generation."

"The role is larger than life and Jeanine is the motor of the plot, yet she wasn't expansively written in the book. Kate Winslet is probably one of the finest actresses ever, so we were beyond ecstatic when she said yes," shares Fisher. "She's a powerhouse. She's a thoroughbred. I've never actually seen an actor work as hard as she does just in terms of actually owning every line and being as prepared as she is, she's utterly professional. She was a great role model for the younger ones. She can convey so much with her face, with her walk, with everything about her... she's such an innate actor, and she commands the screen completely."

"The book is so good," enthuses Winslet. "I've done a lot of films that have been adaptations and I love doing it because for any actor it's just so great to have something to always refer to because there's always something more than you can find when you've actually got those pages to flick through. It makes it much more interesting and fun ultimately. This is true to the book and often that doesn't happen. The thing for me that was the most fascinating about this story is that human beings want to count for something, come from somewhere, and belong... whether it's to a family, a cult, a religion, a group of friends. Whatever it is, we all want to belong somewhere. That is what this film is about."

"If you're cut from your faction, you are nobody," she adds. "As human beings we do naturally fear being left out, and also we fear other people's judgment. It's hard in the world that we live today, with so much media exposure available to young kids, just being an individual... even more challenging for kids now than it was for me when I was 16 years old. To me, this film is really striking because it's very much about making the choice to belong somewhere. This story has a very strong, fundamental moral message at its core. For me, that was the most interesting thing."

"Jeanine has a very scientific, intelligent mind, and it's her desire that Erudite take power. She's a very clever, but not necessarily nice, piece of work. She's a master manipulator. It's been fascinating for me playing someone who is quite blatantly cunning and manipulative, because it's not really in my nature at all," chuckles Winslet. "I've never really played an evil person before now. It's been fascinating to try and get inside the mind of that type of person; she's almost like a Nazi actually. She's a female Hitler. She wants to keep the factions pure, so that means making sure that young people are absolutely making the right choice for them, that they believe in, that is their true and higher self. But she's also realized that there is such a thing as a Divergent."

"To Jeanine, Divergents are not pure. They are really ruining the system. The only way for the system to survive is to exterminate the Divergents," explains Winslet. "That is her master plan: find and kill. It's quite uncomfortable playing somebody who harbors such horrible, evil thoughts. She's extremely observant of people, and she's fairly intuitive as well. She's struck by how strident Tris appears to be for a child from Abnegation. She can see that there is something in her that is quite unusual. There's a certain degree of intrigue on the part of Jeanine when it comes to Tris. Jeanine almost admires Tris and her willfulness and stoicism."

Winslet arrived in Chicago during the last month of filming. "There was a mythic buildup to the arrival of Kate who is admired and respected by everyone and a little bit feared... just because there would be a grownup on set full time. The other adult actors were here for a day or two and then gone. Wait 'til Kate gets here," says Fisher. "Everybody was a little scared of her at first. Of course everybody loves her. It was fun seeing Kate in full regalia - wearing six inch heels - marching in and taking charge. What she can do with a glance or a toss of her head, before she even speaks, knocks everybody around and raises everybody's game. It's fabulous to have her in the movie."

"The thing about Kate is as well as being a powerful actress, she's a really powerful person, so it was fantastic when she came to the set and see her interacting with all these younger actors," comments Burger. "We've got a dozen or so actors who are between 19 and 23 years old, and for me as a director, it was fantastic because the energy was great, but it was also like herding cats sometimes. What was fantastic about Kate being here is she's a real leader. They gravitated to her and saw the way that she worked. She has a really disciplined way of working, and she talks about when she comes into the sacred circle of acting that everything else falls away. When you're younger, there are a lot of distractions. They saw that that wasn't the way she did it. There's something very impressive about the way she does her work and they all took something from that."

"I was whisked to set for a very intense three-week period, whereas these guys have all been at it for three months," comments Winslet. "It's been wonderful to get this concentrated chunk of time, but it's also been quite sad because I've been slow to get involved with the fantastic rapport on set. This great camaraderie, which is very much Neil Burger's doing because he really crafted those relationships very early on. It's been lovely to see how close they all are and how they all look out for each other. It's very sweet."

Young actors Miles Teller, Zoe Kravitz, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Christian Madsen, and Amy Newbold play transfer initiates who come into Dauntless with Shailene Woodley's Tris. They must endure physical and mental training, and eventually go to war... some will live and some will die.

"As we marched on trying to find the perfect Four, we met every young actor and actress for the other parts and it was really a feast for us," says Fisher. "Casting this movie was really one of the most fun experiences we've ever had. I was lucky enough to work on The Outsiders, so I saw a group assembled who weren't exactly stars yet, but would all become stars. That's how we feel with this group. It was really fun to see them become a clan with each other."

"Doug, Neil, and I, along with our casting director Mary Vernieu knew very quickly almost with every single person that we cast, that this was the person that we wanted," adds Fisher. "Sometimes we had to convince them that they weren't Four, and that they should play a different part... that came up with a few people. The talent pool that we were able to access at this age group is so profoundly talented. Each one is so unique in their abilities, and each felt like the part could have been written for them."

"Peter, who's played by Miles Teller, is sadistic," Burger states. "He is really competitive and has a cruel streak. It's like a game of "Survivor." He's going to do everything in his power to make sure that he ends up on top. He's going to mess with his fellow initiates physically and psychologically."

"A lot of people that read the book say he's the bad guy, and he does some things that are maybe on the evil side," admits Teller. "But I look at Peter as this roaming politician. Peter comes from Candor, which values honesty. But he's very manipulative, and good at getting people on his side, like he does with Al, Christian Madsen's character. I agree with the honesty thing. I don't avoid conflict in my everyday life."

"Peter's a little bit like a broken tortured soul, who puts forth so much energy to make sure that others are intimidated by him," comments Woodley. "There's a deep insecurity layered within his own heart. As much as Tris wants to hate Peter, she sees that he's not just one layer. She tries to not let them get to her. At the end of the film, she ends up saving Peter's life and taking him with them. Specifically she has the opportunity to kill him and she doesn't. That comes from a place of selflessness, her Abnegation roots. She sees this broken person in this very vulnerable state and spares him, because she recognizes that he's a soul."

"What Miles Teller brings to Peter is so human and so funny. You can't take your eyes off of him and the way that he spars with Shailene is very daring," comments Fisher. "It's very bold to have a realistic fight. Not a fight that seems like a movie fight with a million different cutaways to stunt people. But a fight that is the real characters getting slammed. It's unusual and was one of the ways that we enticed Miles Teller to do the movie, was to tell him that he would get to beat up Shai, who his character hates, because they had just done The Spectacular Now together as lovebirds."

"The training fight with Peter and Tris was intense," states Woodley. "Learning it was really fun because neither of us had other done stunt fights before. They're all very mechanical and cut together it looks really intense. Tris gets a few hits in, but Peter takes her down and he doesn't stop. He's relentless. It's going to be a very powerful, hard scene to watch."

Wick agrees, "It was startling when we first saw it cut together. Neil shot it very much from Tris' point of view with the idea of going into the ring with a guy who's bigger and wants to hurt you. Seeing her go up against him in a real way and get punched in the face and then recover from that experience...that was extreme."

Two weeks after the phone call from Doug and Lucy offering him the role, Teller was in Chicago training. "I was really excited to do this movie because I'd never done anything physically demanding, and I'd never really had to get in shape," admits Teller. "The boot camp was not easy actor training, this was legitimate physical training. Our fight coordinator was in the service and our stunt coordinator is a world champion Muay Thai fighter."

Teller's best friend from high school is a Navy Seal, so the actor was excited to get a taste of the training. "The fight stuff was really fun for me and apparently I'm really, really good at throwing knives," laughs Teller, "which I would never have known unless they made us do that. It's real. For an actor, it's awesome whenever you can do stuff to get out of your head. We were actually throwing knives and learning to clear a house with guns, like in the Army. You actually get into a warrior mindset."

"I grew up playing sports and I love the physicality of it. That is what got me to do the movie. Also I've never played anybody who's evil. Peter's the villain and most of the roles I've played have been pretty likeable. It's nice messing with your own image. As an actor you should always be doing that," says Teller. "Another big part of it was working with Doug and Lucy and Neil, as I was impressed with his movies... and working with Shailene again, and Kate."

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