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Leap into Dauntless
To enter Dauntless, initiates must make a leap off a rooftop, 70 feet into a hole. "Shai was standing there on the ledge by herself unassisted, even though she had a safety wire. Just standing there is scary at 70 feet with those winds blowing back and forth," comments Warren. "My biggest reason for giving her credit though, is the fact Shai is afraid of heights. When we started this movie, she wanted to beat that fear doing this movie. I think that she did. Shailene is the perfect person to play Tris, who also wants to overcome her fears."

Stunt woman Alicia Vela-Bailey, double for Shailene Woodley, actually performed the 70 foot leap into an airbag. "Alicia is an incredible stunt girl, but she had never done 70 feet before. She'd only jumped 30 feet, so we needed to rehearse a lot to slowly build up her personal best to that height. That air bag is nine feet tall and eighteen feet wide, but it looks like a little cell phone when you're jumping off of a 70 foot building, and to miss that airbag is the end of the world," explains Warren. "That's why we do so much practice. We took the time over several weeks, setting her up another five or ten feet each day. Also, Alicia has to be able to act while she's doing it. Audiences want to see Tris jump into a hole and act the way she would if she was jumping into a hole, not a stunt person falling. To take that step off that ledge is a very big deal, even for us."

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