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The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel
One of the most iconic moments in the book is Tris and Four's climb up the Ferris Wheel at Chicago's Navy Pier. "The scene that really sums up Four's attitude is on the Ferris wheel," says James. "Four is supposed to be quite a masculine tough guy. When they are climbing up, Tris asks him if he's scared, and he says 'Yeah, of course, I'm scared.' He's straight about it, knowing everyone's afraid of something. The fact that he's so comfortable in himself that he can admit his fears and his weaknesses makes him even stronger somehow."

"I don't have a fear of heights, I have a fear of falling," laughs Woodley. "The Ferris wheel was so simple. It looks way more complicated and way more intense than it was. We were actually on a ladder at about a forty-five degree angle and attached to safety lines. It was fun and beautiful. That night there was a full moon and it was the first lunar eclipse of the year. Theo and I got to experience that magical moment climbing up, which I'm not sure he cared about, but I thought it was pretty great."

James adds, "It felt quite real. It was perfect, because he was supposed to be in a position of discomfort. Shai was jumping up and down on it like a monkey. Climbing up this wheel, and it was pretty damn high, there was a sense of realism to it. I'm glad whenever we are allowed to do our stunts, which is pretty much everything we can do, because they're the fun parts and you feed off of that energy to create something good."

The Ferris Wheel scene was inspired by a family childhood outing by the author. "When I was like six or seven, my dad took all of my siblings and I to Navy Pier to ride the Ferris wheel. That's probably when I realized that I was terrified of heights. Also, the pitch forward, I didn't like that very much as a child," laughs Roth.

Before shooting on the film even began, Warren took Woodley and James up the Ferris wheel early one cold March morning to rehearse. "You want to find out just how comfortable they'll be at that height," says Warren. "If you get there on the day of filming and you find out the actors don't want to go all that way up, then we're pretty much out of luck. We have to do that before the movie starts, so we can prepare. Fortunately for us, Shailene and Theo were good."

The Capture the Flag scene was also shot at Navy Pier. "First of all, without us even being there, Navy Pier is awesome and cool, right there on the water," says Miles Teller. "The fact that they can shut this whole amusement park down, just for us to film a movie, was pretty special. It was great breaking off into teams and fighting up on that roof."

"I love physical activities and there's been a lot of physical training involved, which is all very exciting. Our stunt coordinators are very well versed in everything from hand-to-hand combat training, to physical fitness, to learning how to run and jump off of moving trains," says Woodley. "Theo and I got to climb seventy-five feet up on a Ferris Wheel. My stunt double Alicia is such a bad ass. She jumped over sixty-five feet freefalling-no ropes attached, no nothing. I look up to her in so many ways, she's so great, so brave."

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