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Navy Pier was also the location of the Fear Landscape Room, the pinnacle of all the simulation sequences showing the characters' inner lives. Burger and his director of photography used different camera lenses for the serum induced scenes: the Aptitude Tests, the Fear Simulations, and the Fear Landscapes were all shot with anamorphic lenses to give a slightly different look from the rest of the film.

"One of the greatest things about the book is the aptitude tests and fear landscapes, which are intense, controlled nightmares," says Burger. "As a filmmaker, that was one of the most attractive things: to be able to create that inner world of mostly Tris, but also we go into Four's head as well. How do you show that inner life? How do you show somebody's fears in a way that's completely believable and also, horrifying to the audience?"

The simulations provide some exciting moments in the film involving fears such as dizzying heights, flames, water, and birds. "These are dangerous situations in these nightmares, requiring cooperation between the camera, production design, and visual effects. Everybody working together to try to make it as seamless possible, so it looks as real as possible, and you feel it's happening to Tris and it's happening to you."

Nicholson comments, "The simulations don't have to obey the laws of Physics, or analogue storytelling. It can jump all over the place, so it can be quite confusing and terrifying." There was a size progression to the spaces where characters enter the simulations. The film starts at the Aptitude Test which takes place in a small white room with a mirror; during training the Fear Simulations are induced in the slightly less plain Fear Sim Room; and finally the Fear Landscape is induced in the cavernous Navy Pier Ballroom. "I was very keen to have the dramatic, shocking moment when you open up into that big room at the end," say Nicholson.

Maggie Q appreciated the simple design of the Aptitude Testing Room, where her character first determines that Tris is Divergent. "I like the stark difference between the nothingness of this very complicated world and then the everything of what's happening in the psyche of these kids."

Roth appreciated going inside these portals to the characters' fears. "The coolest day that I had visiting set was seeing the simulation room, which is funny because that's basically just a room with a chair, a computer, and a syringe in it. That's all there is. But the chair was this gross orange color with interesting details, and it had this ominous looking headpiece. The syringe was a scary looking torture device, and there's something about it that was terrifying. Every little detail of this is working together to make this situation seem just as frightening as it actually is to the person who is sitting in that chair. When you look at it, you feel the paranoia that Tris feels when she walks in there. That was one of the best days because it was so clear that every little thing, even the lighting, which is orange-y and creepy looking, had been specifically arranged to create this whole atmosphere."

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