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"Divergent is an epic adventure movie, and Hans Zimmer and Tom Holkenborg [JunkieXL] are creating the music, which doesn't mean that it's big or bombastic. In fact, it's the opposite," says Burger. "Those guys are great at getting into Tris's head and making the music feel very intimate and very personal so you feel her dilemma and what's at stake for her in this world. Also, our music supervisor Randy Poster, has been finding songs to put in the movie. He got Ellie Goulding involved and she's a great singer with a voice that gets you right into Tris's head. All the music is working in one direction to really make the movie from her point of view, as well as to drive it forward in an incredibly energetic way."

The official movie soundtrack has been produced by Interscope Records, and contains tracks from Ellie Goulding, Zedd featuring Miriam Bryant and M83, among others. Beyond DIVERGENT

"The challenge of this movie is that in a way it's act one of a trilogy," says director Neil Burger. "Some of the things that we're setting up in Divergent, don't get paid off until the next movie. That was challenging, to give enough information so people understood what was happening, without giving away what was going to be the resolution of another book or movie."

"In addition, when we were filming this movie, Veronica hadn't even finished writing the third book Allegiant, which didn't even have a title at the time," reveals Burger. "I was talking to her all the time about what was going to be happening in the third book to make sure that whatever choices we were making, we were going down the right path. We were very aware of the larger story line of all three books."

"The fantastic thing about the launch of Allegiant was to see it shoot to the top of all these bestseller lists," says Burger. "You realize what a huge fan base the books have and that it's just growing. The intensity of the reaction and the passion of those readers is fantastic."

"When making Divergent, you do know that there's a fan base. But if you feel the story doesn't work well enough to stay faithful to book, then it's not the right film project," says Burger. "Obviously, you can't fit every character and every subplot and every element in the movie, and it's agonizing to make those choices. But, I wouldn't have done the film if I didn't think that most, if not everything, could fit into the movie to bring out the real spirit of the story. I am confident that the readers of the book will be happy."

"Even though we condensed some things and had to create a particular through line, the relationship of Tris and Four, the experience of the world, and the life in Dauntless with the training, and the fear landscapes, they are all there. These are all very cool powerful, experiences that come from the book. I hope film audiences have an intense experience and go on a wild ride, whether it be on the zipline or jumping off trains. I also hope that they put themselves in Tris' shoes and come out of the movie thinking what would I do? What's important to me?"

"Divergent is a movie about empowerment," adds producer Douglas Wick. "It's a world that doesn't quite work and it basically says if you can dig in deep inside yourself and power through, you're going to be okay. If we get that right on screen, it's going to resonate with a lot of people."

Roth was able to observe filming regularly in Chicago. "Veronica came to set once and really enjoyed it, so she kept coming back," says Burger. "It was a big film production with a huge cast and crew, all in the service of her ideas. She seemed to be enjoying it so much. It was interesting, because she was a spectator, but at the same time she's the main player, so it was a unique position. She's the ultimate insider in Divergent, but also looking at it from the outside."

"Watching it come to life has been particularly rewarding because Veronica has been able to share and watch it with us," says producer Lucy Fisher. "We thank her very much for imagining this world that we could then hire the best craftsmen and artists to put make each faction be its own individual place, with its own costumes, with its own scale, with its own universe. She's so delighted every time she visits. We thought she would be bored when she came to visit the set, because of the hurry-up-and-wait that's involved with making movies, but she wasn't. She really enjoyed seeing the actors work and the behind-the-scenes of it all."

"What makes Divergent unique is that Tris goes through this incredible change as a person. She goes from being this meek, unassuming person and becomes this badass warrior," comments Burger. "The other thing that makes this movie unique is the romance between Tris and Four. Even as she gets close to him, neither of them are sure where the other one stands. After they break through that, it becomes this incredibly powerful romance. They stand side-by-side and fight, even as they've just forged this connection with each other."

"In addition to the challenges of this epic landscape, we also had another opportunity, which is Divergent also tells the story of an inner life. Inside the simulations, we create that inner world and make you understand the rules of it," says Wick. "In one of the most romantic scenes in the movie, Tris actually is invited into Four's inner world. It's the most intimate thing you can imagine in a love story, someone unzips themselves and says, 'Come in and have a look around, see who I really am.' One of the extraordinary things about Veronica's book is that despite the extent of her world creation, it's always about real characters. In the middle of this epic story, there's a very well observed love story. Tris comes to Dauntless and she's greeted by this mysterious warrior, Four. The evolution of their story is very much the heart of the movie."

Roth comments, "Divergent is about exploring this new world and getting excited about new experiences; and Insurgent is about dealing with the consequences of what happens in Divergent. For Tris, this will be an incredibly difficult road."

Principal photography wrapped in Chicago on July 15, 2013. Additional shooting, including El Train and aerial units, took place in the following months in both Chicago and Los Angeles.


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